Warriors practice: Kerr “angry” with out-of-context tweet (to which Durant reacted); Curry out tomorrow; Wiggins; Klay kayaking; Looney

We also investigate Wiggs’ free throw % dip

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors practice, the day before the Philadelphia 76ers, with Steve Kerr, Kevon Looney, and Andrew Wiggins.

Please check our YouTube channel for more from practice. The first one is at the top of this article and clickable, and I thought it was actually the most important in terms of how people on Twitter looking for “klout” — a word amplified by none other than Kevin Durant — can often skew factual information. It has become a daily occurrence and I think I will be retiring from tweeting in due time (more on that from me soon, probably).

[UPDATE: Here’s the latest video upload on Stephen Curry, James Wiseman and Eric Paschall]

Speaking of “out-of-context”, please remember that these are just notes and partial quotes. If you want the full context of the Q&A, be sure to click through the above video to our channel and check all the recently posted stuff. I also type these notes real-time on our Discord which comes free with subscription to this website (hmu if you absolutely would rather have Discord with no website, I can probably do it if you donate something), plus a ton more stuff that, frankly, you won’t see in mainstream tweets aka #WarriorsTwitter — throw that app out and get yourself Discord!

We had expected Wiggins (and Damion Lee) based on this morning’s Zoom link email from Warriors PR, so I took a stab at trying to find out the anomaly: his free throw shooting. All the pertinent offensive categories like 2P%, 3P% and efficiency are all up, dramatically, though. More on this later in a video, as I still plan to pepper some questions here and there about that and what the Kerr System (as well as Curry’s presence, although Wiggs did drop 40 in his absence) has proven with this example.

And if you’re wondering why I decided to write so many extra paragraphs, it’s because we’re waiting for the third interviewee, whomever that may be, as I write this.


Kerr sends condolences to Elgin Baylor’s family: “how much respect we had for Elgin…extraordinary contribution to the game…has meant so much to the NBA.”

Also, podcast KD: “context was basically that after the five year run…that fifth year was just an absolute bear…two season-ending injuries…while point of the conversation was the stress of the five year run compared to coaching…young guys (that didn’t win)…Drew Shiller decided to tweet today…so I want to make this extremely clear. If you want to actually get the story accurate, I encourage you to listen to the podcast…and use that as my quote…it was a terribly unfair shot…people are gonna read it and think that that was my quote…I know I am fair game for criticism any game…to take that comment and put it into a tweet…so irresponsible and damaging…I’m angry…they’re gonna use what they think is a quote…I’m not happy, I think it’s wrong. I try to be candid…we like to share our story…so this is really concerning for me, it’s part of modern media maybe, but it’s dead wrong.”

- KD? “Raymond told me there was a tweet exchange…it’s ridiculous. You guys know this, we are so thankful…we’ve had so many great moments…we absolutely wish him well…that’s why I’m so angry about this because this is complete BS. Listen to the podcast.”

- Steph: “he’s not gonna play tomorrow, he did not practice, he’s still sore…went through some activities in the training room.”

- cane? “You’re gonna have to ask him…he just said it’s still sore, I didn’t go into detail with him.”

- short term? “Yeah, definitely.”

- everyone else? “Yes, we had a good practice today. Scrimmaged a little bit, film…Eric and James could play tomorrow…didn’t practice today…have to complete another couple tests.”

- ok playing them tomorrow if so? “Sit down with them and talk to them about what they’ve been able to do, so we’ll see.”

- impressed with no Steph, Wiggins? “Defense was good…we had fallen of a little bit…second game was disappointing because we blew a golden opportunity…on the offensive side…Wiggs has been great, I like the way he’s been attacking…also kicking out to the shooters…confidence really brimming.”

- encouraging thing? “Everybody has just stayed with it, guys have been in and out of the lineup…play through adversity.”

- trade stuff? “I talk to some guys about it…approach that player and I think that’s a big part of the job, these guys have a lot of stress on their shoulders.”

- POR vaccines: “behind the scenes I believe there is”

- FT: “just a rhythm thing…he’s had a great year for us…Andrew has had a fantastic season for us.”

- standings: “a little separation…we’re still right in the thick of it…it’ll all come out in the wash.”

- Klay still shooter: “Klay will be able to shoot when he’s 75 years old, it’s the truth, he’s just a machine…once he’s ready to play it’ll take some time to get his conditioning and his rhythm.”

- Klay kayaking: “somebody showed me that the other day, yeah, I wanna be Klay when I grow up. Klay knows how to live. I’m just so happy to see him smiling…it’s been a rough year for him.”


- protocols? “shocked waking up hearing he had a positive test but took more tests that were negative…”part of the protocol that’s in place for a reason.”

- knew false positive? “I thought so, I felt fine, but with this disease you never really know…sucked it had to be me but I’d rather have that than actually get it and miss a whole bunch of time.”

- no Steph: “since I been on the Warriors always been next man up.”

- Wiggins: “really important for us without having Steph…our best scorer…shot clock low…go get you thirty or forty…

- FGP: “taking great shots…playing with Steph in the system I think Steve has put him a great spot…having Steph creates a lot of open shots…give him the credit for putting the work in the summer time.”

- win streak: “continue to be great on the defensive end…game we’re not really locked in…offensive end will take care of itself…playoff push.”

- COVID experience: “not having our fans out there has been definite different, we’re known for having the best fans in the league…able to play, be able to entertain…we just gotta deal with…enjoying the moment…it’s been tough on everybody…use this as our sanctuary.”


- practice: “Good coming back refreshed.”

- vaccines: “to each his own, really. Whoever wants to get it, get it…right now, I’m not getting it, but it’s no knock.”

- vaccines team choice? “No one has really said anything whether you have to get it or not get it…everyone’s decision for themselves.”

- decision need more information? “I don’t really see myself getting it any time soon unless I’m forced to (laughs). I’m good.”

- trade deadline, locker room: “it’s part of the game, it’s part of the business…everyone’s laughing, joking…it’s something you can’t control so why stress about it.”

- trade experiences: “when it happened, I didn’t really know what to expect or what to do…once I got out here to Golden State they made me feel right at home…process was smooth.”

- how welcomed you: “how the fans were, the locker room with the teammates.”

- standings: “I take a peek every couple days…as time goes on you start to look more and more.”

- 9th place: “still got a lot of games left…stack up some wins…gotta stack up a couple games in a row and from there build momentum.”

- why no streak? “Two back to back games we were a totally different team. That first game even.”

- improve on? “Just doing whatever I gotta do or whatever we gotta do as a team to win.”

- personal goals? Keep scoring? Latin America raving: “Thanks…I just wanna keep striving towards becoming a good complete player on both sides of the floor.”

- consistency? Effort? “Effort, execution…defensively.”

- no Steph, biggest growth: “Steph’s a big part of this team…you can’t replace Steph so everyone stepped up…even JP came in, gave us a lot of scoring, playmaking

- FTP: “shoot, couldn’t tell you, when I figure it out I’ll let you know.”

- FGP: “ust trying to get good shots, quality shots…the bad ones, the rushed ones…not forcing nothing…being smart with the basketball.”

- watch NCAA? “I got a daughter so I really be chasing her around the house.”