Warriors-Pacers pregame: Getting Janky With It vs Steph

Plus Kerr’s expectations on various rotations

Below are the notes & quotes from Warriors-Pacers pregame, starting with Indiana head coach Nate Bjorkgren, then Steve Kerr. Check for upcoming videos on our YouTube channel


- guarding Steph: “always change things up…he’ll see some of the same things we did…you have to constantly keep changing it…different schemes, different coverages…keep him and them out of rhythm.”

- Sabonis not ASG: “I was disappointed…deserved to be on that team.”

- NBA schedule: “I glanced at it…focusing here on Golden State.”

- other than Steph: “Golden State is a very good team…from Curry to Draymond…they’re bigs are back…there’s a lot of talent on that team…matchups we would like…all those things are into consideration.”


- same starters? “Yes”

- schedule? “yes”

- start vs LAC: “I like the fact we’re starting in LA (due to less travel).”

- 6 games leading into playoffs: “We’ll see…long way to go.”

- momentum: “we haven’t been able to put together a streak but we’ve been treading water and hanging around…keep plugging away.”

- IND box-and-1: “yeah we’ll definitely see some box and one tonight, they remind me a little bit of Orlando…two shot blockers…can be very effective…Indiana is a good team, a very good team…watching our tape…we’ve improved a lot…they haven’t played in a week which is strange…we’re gonna have to find the energy (due to b2b).”

- supporting local restaurants 

- Wiseman: “I talked to him this morning. He was feeling good.”

- rebounding: “we should be better than we are, we’ve actually been pretty decent over the last five games…being diligent about boxing out…we can beat anybody (rebounding and not fouling).”

- Bazemore 5k points: “Kent’s come a long way…built a really good career for himself.”

- Juan/Mulder: “this is how the season goes. Every team has between 12 and 15 players. Idk one that players 11 players in their rotation…I’m probably gonna play ten players.”

- Looney/EP: “that was entirely circumstantial given the nature of that game…felt good about playing with the lead…defensive group…I don’t foresee that being our second unit…playing around with the rotation a little bit maybe even tonight…search and find combinations…Loon and Wise back changes the rotation at large.”

- Mulder: “just a great human being, great teammate…stays professional and supportive and energetic when they’re not playing, those guys are big assets to a team.”

- Steph/Oubre: “Kelly’s gotten more and more comfortable…our team’s pretty unique…Steph and Draymond…point center and a dominant guard who doesn’t have the ball…that just doesn’t exist…took KD a couple months…didn’t surprise me that Kelly started to click…got everything he needs in terms of talent…teammate, good person…coach able…was just a matter of time.”

- Draymond at 5: “now it’s more of an option (was a necessity).”