Warriors-Magic postgame: no ball movement, couldn’t close out

“We’re right there” but need to get over the hump

Stephen Curry postgame was added at the bottom at 7:32PM PST.

Postgame STEVE KERR Warriors-Magic notes & quotes…

 - what went wrong: “we couldn’t get a stop in the last five six minutes…seemed to me the ball just stopped…I’ll have to watch the tape…it was one shot…whole game shifts.”

 - momentum changes: “Yeah it was a wild game…down quite a bit in the first half…sort of anticipated we would struggle (due to no practice, travel etc)…Oubre fantastic, he is playing his best basketball of the season…13 assists and one turnover in that quarter and we just couldn’t close it, it’s a shame…give credit to Orlando.”

 - tougher considering still no three in a row: “Get like we were right there and I still feel like we are…good to get some reinforcements back at the end of this road trip.”

 - mental? “I attribute it to execution. Is execution physical? Mental?…we let our guard down in terms of the ball movement…Okeke made two big corner threes…sometimes you congratulate the other team for playing well.”

 - Okeke: “a little frustrating foe us, he’s shooting 29% from three.”

 - Steph: “it wasn’t a night where Steph could get easy looks. Orlando is a massive team, huge team…everywhere you look they got guys 6’7 with long arms…their defensive schemes were good…a lot of long arms…still did his damage but wasn’t as efficient as he usually is.”

 - difficult back to back condensed season: “they’re just difficult in general, we gotta fly to Charlotte and just get ready to go tomorrow.”

- thought process on Charlotte: “we’re gonna have to find energy…guys have to get off their feet…game plan tomorrow at our breakfast meeting…it’s the NBA, there’s always a game.”

 - watch tape? “Very interested in watching the last five minutes, how we lost a 13-point lead…when the ball stops moving, the games goes against you…that’s what I saw.”

 - ironic just closed out Miami? “It’s not just us, it’s every team in the league…trying to catch a hot streak.”


- recap: “game of runs”

- lack of ball movement: “idk I have to watch the tape”

- guys getting hot, Oubre: “we let another one get away…kinda the story of the season.”

- LaMelo: “he’s playing well…extremely well.”

- closing games: “gotta get stops down the stretch.”

- Charlotte: “that is the beautiful thing about the NBA…in saying that we can’t keep saying that.”

- different defenses on Steph: “They’re really hard-trapping him…saw him miss some ones he normally makes.”

- Ankle? “It’s fine. It’s pretty good.”

- Steph Charlotte: “Anytime you get the opportunity to go home and play in front of your home base, it’s always fun.”

- lost 13-point lead: “We still got some good looks…gotta continue to get some stops.”

- a game tape? “No I’ll watch it for sure but quick turnaround.”


- Q3: “We were the aggressors defensively…we just didn’t finish the job.”

- recap: “get off to a better start, just try to not dig ourselves a hole.”

- end: “they made shots…times when stopped moving on our end…they made some big threes.”

- where they are: “we’re right there. We’re gonna get over that hump and put a bunch of wins together.”

- good to have b2b: “For sure. Everyone’s for sure upset about the way we lost…come and be determined like we have to win that game.”

- didn’t make shots Ba didn’t get stops: “if you don’t make shots then the only thing that can help us is to get stops so that’s more important.”


- closing out: “We got a little stagnant.”

- trend or one-off: “Inexperienced? I think we’re just trying to get over that hump…above-average good team in regards to our potential…extreme amount of talent.”

- this one sting more? “Yeah for me this one personally hurt the most just because I thought we had this one in the bag, but that’s welcome to the NBA…can’t cry over spilled milk.”

- Vucevic: “We have to execute our game plan…he’s a good player…they’re gonna get their shots…he’s very versatile.”

- Covid difficulties, Steph Charlotte: “I don’t get to experience different cities that I’ve never been to…that’s unfortunate but then again I’m a grown man…what do I look like complaining because I can’t go out to restaurants, go out shopping…I get to live my dream playing at home…hopefully he puts on a show.”


- what went wrong: “Weird game overall…cross country liable to have a slow start…tough to get a couple stops in a row to keep the momentum…untimely turnover by me…emotional roller coaster…theme of our season.”

- more frustrating as was 7th time had chance for three in a row: “keep plugging away, that’s all we can really do at this point…tomorrow get it back in the right direction.”

- Charlotte: “it’ll be weird without the fans been kind of the normal routine in going back home…fire lit in terms of backing up this game…personally gotta play better…step it up and understand we gotta get off to a good start…imma have a good energy about me for sure.”

- Oubre: “Trust in how we move the ball and cut…that comfort it just comes over time…stick with it, keep working…comes with his energy every time.”

- closing games: “Idk, we’ve had some really amazing comebacks…we haven’t had a lot of experiences like tonight…haven’t been consistent reps of last six minutes you gotta get stops and execute…Miami and two LA teams…this all goes back to the margins…especially without the size…offensively just didn’t put it together down the stretch…gotta put it together.”

- LaMelo: “He looks very comfortable…sees the floor extremely well and when you transition into the league (huge benefit)…what a good point guard does…pretty comfortable for a rookie…getting better.”

- Charlotte, giving back: “players have utilized their platforms and access to resources…whether it’s loud or behind the scenes…level up what that looks like and impact communities.”