Warriors-Knicks pregame: Stephen Curry, Wiseman & Looney to play

Fans are at MSG as well

Pregame Warriors-Knicks video versions (above and below):

Notes & quotes from Tom Thibodeau and Steve Kerr…


- Fans

- “I look at net rating”

- NYK playing well when fans come back tonight

- Obi at the 5

- Randle All-Star: “it’s the impact on winning.”

- Randle/Obi

- Draymond, Team USA, emotional players: “that’s what fuels them…so you don’t wanna take that away from them…Rodman…unique and special, that’s what makes that team what it is…with Steph and Klay, that’s a real special group…(spent time with all them).”

- ASG voting: “very difficult position to be in…not enough spots…impact on winning.”

Mike Athletic: RJ Barrett FTs


- Steph Loon Wise: “they are (all available). Looney will start. Steph will start too. Agonizing decision.”

- rotation: “spacing and flow will be different…different feel offensively.”

- rotation: “we’ll probably play ten and will be left out of the rotation.”

- Draymond: “He understand that. It’s apparent in the locker room every day.”

- Tiger: “I just got here…very very scary and just waiting to hear further news.”

- fans: “different vibe…even just having a couple thousand fans…reaction actually comes at the right time…not canned laughter like in a sitcom.”

- Spike Lee: “ever present figure here.”