Warriors-Kings pregame: Draymond out (illness), Juan Toscano-Anderson starts, Oubre “creating havoc”

Twelve total coaches/players received vaccine

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Kings pregame in Sacramento with Steve Kerr. I was late to the Zoom call so the video on our YouTube channel is on what Kelly Oubre brings to the table defensively and Juan Toscano-Anderson replacing Draymond Green in the starting lineup.

A total of twelve players and coaches went to Kaiser yesterday and got the vaccine, the one-dose Johnson & Johnson type. We’ve known from Q&As that Andrew Wiggins and Kent Bazemore expressed a desire to not get the vaccine. Discord member MJ, who was getting this information real-time, wondered the following: “Oh ya, maybe Dray has some mild illness due to vaccination yesterday? Not sure 🤔”

My response: “You wonder if the Warriors not saying the illness is related to the vaccine because that might create some kind of mini-scare publicly.” (As I like to say, this is all gross speculation!)


- Kerr said Green "is not feeling well at all right now." Missed shootaround. [This was tweeted by Kerith Burke]

- Steve Kerr on Kelly Oubre not getting traded: "It's great that he's here. He's happy. I'm happy. Not much else to say." [This was tweeted by Anthony Slater]

- Twelve total Warriors players/coaches went yesterday to Kaiser and received the Johnson & Johnson one-shot vaccine. That included Steve Kerr. [This was tweeted by Connor Letourneau]

- Oubre: “The more guys you have like that on the roster the better.”

- relief in locker room? “It’s always a really strange time as a player because you just don’t know…taking kids out of school maybe…it’s nice to get the day behind us.”

- what do you lose defensively when Kelly is not on the floor? “He’s probably our longest defender…capable of creating havoc, blocking shots, creating rebounds.”

- is he best on ball: “ofc we do a lot of switching…got the size to be able to match up with the big guy popping.”

- who starts in place of Draymond? “Juan”

- Same starters? “Yeah.”

- Warriors PR says Warriors general counsel David Kelly says no league confirmations so no Bob Myers Zoom call, which was originally schedule for 6p.