Warriors-Hawks postgame: “we miss Steph and the confidence”; Curry’s speech; Draymond “gutted it out”

Defense and offense connected; need to grind out a win

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Kings postgame with Steve Kerr, Nico Mannion, Jordan Poole, Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins.

Please check our YouTube channel for more. At the top of this article is our first upload on the lost confidence on defense and the connection with the offense.

The second video is on missing Stephen Curry, as well as Steph’s postgame locker room speech to the team:


- biggest defensive issue: “you name it, they got anything they wanted…they’re a good team, they spread you out…never had any traction defensively and that’s two nights in a row…we’re definitely in a funk.”

- cause? “we’ve lost a little confidence…we’re gonna have to dig ourselves out of it…only way to do that is by fighting…I’m confident that that will happen.”

- surprising back to back? “A little undermanned and obviously without Steph we lose some of our leadership and swagger as a team…last night without Draymond…we got staggered and I thought that carried over into tonight.”

- issues? “Since the break our defense has not been great…this is a tough spell for us…frankly I think we miss Steph and the confidence…offense and defense are connected…we’re shouting fine…but we haven’t been in the game at all…this is what happens in the NBA, you’re gonna go through difficult periods.”

- Draymond: “was not feeling well at all, he literally gutted it out…we can literally point at anything but what matters to me is our defense, that’s something we have to hang our hats on…we have not been getting stops, that’s what’s of concern to me.”

- Wiseman: “felt more comfortable for sure…it’s just all part of the process…see the pictures and feel the speed of the game and he needs to do it over and over again.”

- Nico: “earning minutes and he’s leading our team and he plays hard…gets into the ball defensively.”

- absence of grit: “yeah, grit is everything for us, that’s what translates defensively…really, we’ve been good defensively all year…offense and defense connects…we’ve lost a little confidence defensively…compete like crazy and grind out a win.”

- confident defense? “Much more active…louder…you hear a more confident defense…not trusting rotations.”


- defensive issues? “Energy and communication, falling into a hole of not competing…we can’t do that…locking in mentally…being vocal, bringing energy

- defensively? “I wouldn’t say it’s effort, I’d say it’s just being locked in…it’s easier to compete and competitiveness is a big thing for us right now.”

- missing Steph: “The plays he makes, some of the plays he makes just bring energy…give you a little bit of life…he brings a little bit of magic, I’d say…he’s one of our leaders, of course.”

- playing in front of dad Pace: “Growing up my parents were at every game…Tucson being only two hours from where I grew up…they only been to the Utah game and here…spend time tonight and maybe a little bit tomorrow on the off day.”


- biggest defensive issue: “idk we need to figure out, dawg, we need to figure it out.”

(that’s it, one question!)


- defense? “Everything’s been going wrong…Dray…got away from our identity…causing chaos…but last two games we lost our identity.”

- specifics? “Nothing I can put my finger on, it’s a group thing…our consistency has been our defense…last game we saw the ball go in early and we thought it would be easy…carried over to tonight.”

- how? “stay positive…Steph gave us some good words in the locker room, everybody gotta look at ourselves and see what we can do better…good practice on Sunday.”

- rare for Steph? “usual…there’s been a lot of ups and downs this year…good to hear his voice (as on court)…next time we go out there I think it’s gonna show”

- Draymond speech? “Draymond always talks about bringing intensity…he didn’t have to say much (due to Steph).”

- Wiseman: “We just gotta be more vocal…always starts from the top, from the bigs…something probably he can be a little bit better in…don’t let his mood control the game…we’re all frustrated right now…not just him but for me and the rest of the team.”

- Draymond: “in and out of the locker room…gotta appreciate Draymond for being a Warrior, being tough.”


- how to get confidence back: “just doing the little things…we’re scoring enough points to win the game, it’s just the other side, we’re not there, that’s the main thing.”

- Steph’s speech? “When Steph talks, you listen…find ourselves and win some games, Steph being out is huge…but we still got enough talent on the team to win, at least compete.”

Warriors PR: tomorrow off day, Sunday practice 330p, media 5p