Warriors-Hawks pregame: Draymond “good to go”, Curry avoiding charges?, Paschall re-eval in 2 weeks

Wiseman metaphor: musician/artist 5 months into career

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Hawks pregame in Atlanta with Nate McMillan and Steve Kerr.

Please visit our YouTube channel for more, but the video atop this article is clickable and discusses Stephen Curry, who will have padding on his tailbone, Trae Young, who will have no minutes restrictions, and Draymond Green being good to go, while Eric Paschall has a hip flexor injury and will be re-evaluated in two weeks.


- Trae minutes restriction, Collins? “There is not a limit on Trae. John is doing better but he’s just not ready to play tonight.”

- Steph playing tonight: “we know what he’s capable of doing, both he and Draymond…make sure that we guard him, we know where he’s at…creates so much attention the he frees up other guys…keep this team in front of us…rebound…offensively keep pressure on the them, for e them to get back, make them defend.”

- “we can’t relax here at home…15 of our last 23 are here at home…turn it up if possible…Golden State is gonna come out ready to play with their last performance they weren’t happy with.”

- Bogdanovic three straight 20+ points: “playing with that first group…they have to build that chemistry, the two of them (Trae, Bogey).”

- Trae vs Steph not since 2018: “it’s about the Warriors and the Hawks tonight…not a matchup between Steph and Trae for us.”

- Onyeka: “good minutes”

- starters? Trae Bogey Kevin Solo and Capela

- home stretch: “the focus is on tonight’s game…not relaxing…better than we’ve been playing…we have two guys back in the lineup that we didn’t have last game…getting healthier…no relax mindset, take care of business.”

- Deandre? “Not feeling comfortable enough…get him in some type of live scrimmage before we put him out on the floor.”


- Draymond: “he’s good to go.”

- Paschall: “he tweaked it during the game the other night and got the MRI, I’m not sure if it was last night or this morning…out for a couple weeks, so very disappointing.”

- around two weeks? “Yeah (check with Ray), re-evaluate in two weeks.”

- Steph pain management? “Yeah…over time, this will dissipate.”

- feeling better each day? “Yeah, he is…felt good about giving him two days before the Miami game, then two days before this one…having these periodic two days off it’ll dissipate and go away.”

- vibe of team? “Everybody’s embarrassed by the other night…being ready to get back out there and compete…thick of everything despite the fact we’ve had a rough couple weeks…take advantage of that opportunity.”

- Steph Asian help, auction Bruce Lee shoes: “Steph never ceases to amaze me…understand the status that he holds…self aware athlete…confidence and humility and compassion.”

- tell Steph to avoid taking charges? “Yeah, if he falls back on that spot it’s definitely painful for him…hurt your hand or your wrist by trying to brace your fall…some things are just gonna happen…he does have padding.”

- thoughts on Gonzaga game? “one of the best basketball games I’ve ever seen…blown away by the execution from both teams, the focus, the intensity.”

- Suggs: “I yelled out loud…this generation’s  Kentucky Duke which Wes you wouldn’t remember.”

- go watch Arizona? “Yeah cut this short.”

- Adia: “competitiveness…looseness…(similar to Steph).”

- checking in with Wiseman: “oh yeah of course, we do that every day…it can be overwhelming…help him navigate this road…love being around him, he’s really accessible, vulnerable…you have to have a practicality and a perspective…otherwise you just get overwhelmed…not easy to do.”

Monte - doing too much? “That’s basically the message…a free years from now you’re gonna be able to do anything you want…keep things simple…lessons that he’s absorbing…I’ve said it a million times…no summer league, no training camp, three games of college…so little experience and we’re throwing a lot on his plate…it’s all coming at him every game anyway…physiologically…speed and complexity…it’s just gonna take time, I told him it’s no different than somebody who’s a musician or artist…five months into your real career…time and work and talent…so now it’s just time.”

- watch NCAA then think how a player would fit into Warriors system? “I do but then I remember that if I mention any names I’m going to be fined by Adam Silver.”

- Wiseman instilling Warriors culture: “one of the unique things about this team is we’re very very young…it really really showed without Steph and Draymond…our guys got demoralized, they got down…veterans.get back on course…you can really see it when Steph and Draymond about…it’s all about what this year is about…the other night was unacceptable…to get down and hang your head…we have to compete and fight. That’s what the Warriors have been about since before I got here, quite frankly…”