Warriors-Grizzlies postgame w/ Kerr, Poole, Looney, Wiggins and Lee: irresponsible to play Curry tomorrow, diving for the ball, confidence

Draymond’s challenge “clearly a foul”

Here are notes & quotes from postgame Warriors-Grizzlies with Steve Kerr, Jordan Poole, Kevon Looney, Andrew Wiggins and Damion Lee.

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- recap: “understanding what it would take to win this game…Damion is such a pro…Loon…diving on the floor and shoveling it to somebody.”

- Wiggs do this more? “Everybody is gonna be up and down, even superstars…with Steph out he had the ball more in his hands.”

- say anything to Wiggs? ”No…our play calls were pretty basic…they started blitzing him in the second half.”

- Wiggs: “he was definitely tired before the break…looked fantastic since the break.”

- Steph tomorrow: “very doubtful, it would be irresponsible for us to play him, he's still in pain…gotta make sure he's stable and strong in that area (Drew Yoder)…not even a question of temptation to play him.”

- Looney: “is just a winner, he's never gonna wow you with anything…quiet dignity…really big part of our…fabric.”

- Poole: “string together all these really good games…2-on-1 pull up…that's a part of the NBA.”

- playoffs: “we're just trying to win every game.”

- “Draymond just told the team, this is not a free swing tomorrow…we got plenty to lose if we lose tomorrow…very difficult game…we know that Memphis is coming after us.”

- points off turnovers: “we ran with more urgency…crowded the paint…allowed us to get out and run.”

- leaking out: “I’m not sure I would call it an art. A couple of those were flat out cherry picks…we try to tell our guys get to the elbows, get to the top of the key.”

- Draymond failed challenge: “his reaction to the play…should determine the result…that was clearly a foul so I’m gonna have to talk to him.”

- students: “don’t let your teacher intimidate you like that”

- Poole: “fact the he got 12-13 games in Orlando where he got 35 minutes…it’s really hard (having spotty minutes)…they both got to really build a rhythm (Nico too).”

- Looney diving: “it sets a tone, when you see your guys fighting…those are momentum plays…energy that develops, it’s what’s crucial…everybody’s so talent…who’s got the more desire to win.”


- recap: “a lot of momentum from last game”

- early going without Steph? “Just play my game.”

- 2-on-1: “I just shot it”

- celebration: “somebody (did the celebration).”

- tomorrow b2b, Draymond no free swings: “can’t get too high can’t get too low.”

- new attitude: “definitely, you know, you learn a lot…just continue to work…trust the process…stay humble, head down and grind.”

- confidence of starting: “I never lost confidence, I always had it, middle school, high school, college…coach trusts you.”

- tweak your shot? “Reps…I keep it truthful…stay in the gym.”

JP says HBD to mom, Ray holds him down so students can ask last two questions

- locker room: “we’re a hungry…win some games in a row.”

- energy on court without Steph: “the guys that we have are veteran leaders…continue to push us.”

- jokes about Michigan


- big win? “This is one of the teams that we’re gonna be fighting (playoffs)…I would consider it a big win.”

- 3s: “Coach/players have been telling me, if you’re open, shoot it.”

- 3s: “I’m not out there just hunting…my feet set, imma shoot it.”

- Poole: “just his confidence…seen flashes in summer and training camp…G League…confidence oozing.”

- Wiggins: “having a guy who can go out there and give you 40, a lot of teams don’t have that…gave us a lot of confidence…sometimes we struggle to score especially without Steph.”

- Morant: “disciplined…executing the game plan…we stayed down, didn’t reach…keep him out of the paint as much as possible…Kelly did a good job.”

- Ja poster attempt on Draymond: “I’m not surprised…Draymond probably the best defensive player in the NBA.”

- JV: “group effort, we just wanted to pack the paint…dig and get the ball off his hands…my job was to box him out and let Draymond and the guards (help)…still had 16 rebounds.”


- extra aggressive with Steph out

- hot start: “just wanted to get a win”

- when Steph not on floor: “we just gotta go…fill in as much as I could.”

- keep feeding: “they kept me going, they got me good shots…Loon was getting us second chance points…Jordan Poole…Draymond Green was doing what he does…locking down, assisting.”

- message to team pregame: “defensively lock in…transition.”

- ball in hands more: “yeah, for sure, Steph is a big part…you can’t replace Steph…everybody step up to fill in the blanks and win.”

- flip a switch when Steph is out: “just try to get into a good rhythm, we have a lot of guys on this team that can do a lot…we still got Draymond…change the game in a lot of different ways.”

- did you feel like Steph, confidence: “This was a big win for us, we know we’re gonna get their best shot tomorrow.”

- Damion: “he was assisting, attacking the baskets…floaters.”

- watching standings: “you gotta have some awareness of it because it’s getting close to that time…try and move up.”

- double digits consistency: “the system we’re in gets everyone involved…we feel good…we like each other, we got each other’s backs.”

- standings: “important games that can matter a lot down the stretch.”

- MEM again: “gonna get their best shot”


- Wiggins unassuming: “Doesn’t feed into any of the hype…just a hooper.”

- watch standings? Yes

- standings: “knowing that Memphis is a great team…great coach…jockeying for position if you’re really outside the top four.”

- tomorrow: “gonna be a completely different team, they’re a physical team…it’s basketball…tomorrow’s gonna be a completely different beast.”

- rotation since break, up and down: “the irony of it all is coming from Drexel…staying ready…my head coach…hard work and opportunity are always gonna match up…maybe today…maybe five years down the line…Damian Lillard…what you do in the dark eventually comes to light.”

- staying ready: “it’s my journey, it’s my calling card…everybody plays a role whether it’s one through fifteen (Draymond loud lol).”

- Poole: “confidence, this flair, this swagger…playing free and having fun…last year…you sort of look around and see other guys that were drafted before you…shut out all that noise…work is undefeated…he has a lot more that he can do…he’s owning that and staying in his lane…Jordan Poole’s special.”