Warriors “Dubble” Mini-Camp Day11 Live Thread: Juan Toscano-Anderson; Day9 Videos

We’re now on to Day 11 (!) with the Warriors “Dubble” mini-camp coverage. Once again we’ll have it on YouTube Live and make any notes down below in the comments. Steve Kerr is scheduled to be on the Zoom call at 1:00PM, followed by Juan Toscano-Anderson.

If you have any burning questions for “JTA”, leave them in the comments. Please note, Day 10 was obviously yesterday (Friday) and it was what Kerr likes to call a “get-what-you-need” day, meaning it’s wasn’t mandatory.

Marquese Chriss posted a video on his of “squad” dancing on get-what-you-need-day in the locker room. His new rap song was playing. Check his @quese Instagram account for more details on that:

Btw, we’ve been posting more and more to our Instagram Reels, bringing out more of our artistic side and uniqueness, instead of just blatant reposts of other people’s work. We’ve always tried to keep our page different from your average “Warriors fan page” with only original content and less than 1% straight reposts and Reels has certainly gotten the buzz going again, as the platform is trying to promote itself as a direct competitor to TikTok. This is especially helpful for us, as we took nearly two years off from IG, around 2016-18. That was somewhat a regretful decision, but at least we found out that selling t-shirts was more trouble than it was worth and we also firmly established our YouTube channel.

Recently on Reels we’ve posted Klay Thompson in slo-mo and the Warriors scrimmaging, set to various music as allowed in the Instagram Reels ecosphere. Go to our IG page look for the icon that looks like a “play” button ▶️ to get there.

Here are the full videos from Day 9:

📺Entire KERR Q&A: Looney healthy “best news of all”; Jonathon Simmons; Klay scrimmaging still TBD

📺 Entire KY BOWMAN Q&A: Jordan Poole; Looney; “high spirits”; Packie Turner, more consistent 3s

Here are some snippets:

📱 Kerr on Looney playing “20-25/night”; scrimmage performances; Jonathon Simmons; Ryan Atkinson

📱 Kerr on Ky Bowman: could’ve been an NFL cornerback; high-character; picking up 94 feet

📱 Ky Bowman: saw Looney workout 3 wks pre-Dubble; “share my high spirits with everybody”; Smailagic


Note: I was in the middle of editing this and it glitched and turned into a “post” rather than a “thread”. I have no idea how to fix that, so we’ll see what happens…