Warriors-Celtics pregame: Bazemore will start regardless of Oubre; Jaylen Brown out

Jabari Parker debut for Boston; “good groove”

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Celtics pregame from Boston, with Brad Stevens and Steve Kerr.

The video atop this article is clickable and contains everything discussed pregame, logistically. As it pertains to Golden State, Kent Bazemore will start on place of Kelly Oubre, even if Oubre is good to go. Jaylen Brown is out sick (non-COVID-related, per the official NBA injury report).

Don’t forget to check out Juan Toscano-Anderson’s answer to my question about the Celtics at the start of the aforementioned video; the snippet was from morning shootaround today.


- Jabari Parker: “plan beyond this year…guy that can play some 4 for us but also maybe some small ball 5…driver and a playmaker…put a versatile long group on that floor and just having more options…also next year, we thought that was a really good thing for our team…re-find his place.”

- Fournier: “Evan’s out of quarantine…guessing he’ll be in the gym tonight…he seemed really happy just to be around people…still has a few days to go…”

- Jaylen, Rob: “Rob is just still got that small bit of swelling…right around the corner from playing…Jaylen is out sick.”

- (missed question on two of Celtics players) “I don’t rank guys…how can we all make the right basketball play.”

- Jabari? “He’s healthy and he’ll dress tonight.”


- Oubre playing? “Not sure yet he’s in the training room right now so we’ll see.”

- Celtics streak: “they’ve finally gotten their main guys playing together. They’ve been hit hard this year…no coincidence…they’re big four…have all been on the floor together.”

- injury bug due to shortened season? “I haven’t really followed the detail…watching them on tape…it’s clear that they’ve been in a good groove because of being healthy…even now without Fournier they’re still dealing with losses…seems like every team has gone through something this year.”

- Oubre start? “I’m gonna start Baze…good groove, so Baze will start in that spot regardless.”

- Steph said another level: “really good on-ball pressure defensively and defending without fouling and really continuing to move the ball…fun to watch our team play the last several games…good groove…focus on the details because that’s what leads to the groove.”