Warriors-Celtics postgame: Boston 14 more FGA; playoff game-like; Juan in good spirits

Plus: turnovers; second unit; youngsters

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Celtics postgame from Boston, with Steve Kerr, Kent Bazemore and Andrew Wiggins. Draymond Green and Stephen Curry followed up after that, had some really good quotes, and so I’m going to do a separate post on that for subscribers only.

The video atop this article is clickable and covers all the “recap” portions of the game. Kerr pointed to the 14 extra field goal attempts the Celtics got, that was the difference in the game. Please be on the lookout for more on our YouTube channel.


- Steph ankle? “I don’t really have a feel for it, I was asking him constantly…he said I’m fine…I said…don’t be a hero…tweak that is painful…Juan is getting stitches in his head…really scary…Celtics team doctor is giving him stitches…he’s alert…but for sure there will be…concussion protocol.”

- down the stretch? “First of all I’m in awe of what I watched from a skill level…felt like a playoff game, both teams were gassed…incredible shot making particularly from Steph and Jayson Tatum…the young guys especially…now understand what a playoff game looks like…14 more field goal attempts…but I’m not gonna harp on that…proud of my team.”

- Steph raise the level? “He’s just, he’s Steph Curry…it’s the confidence, it’s the bravado, the willingness to fail…he goes for it…trusts his skill because he’s worked his whole life for this.”

- Juan play: “That’s, uhh, that’s a competitor. That’s a competitor. Juan is a guy — you want that guy on your team.”

- what did you tell the team? “I told them how proud I was of them…good reminder that everything matters…box out, not reach…take care of the ball because a game like this it just comes down to a possession or two…14 more shots…same number of free throws.”

- second unit? “Good mix…Jordan Poole has been a big help for us as a scorer…Looney kinda takes care of us defensively…Juan is into the ball…Damion Lee or Juan, those guys provide something different.”

- young guys: “they’re growing, these are the type of games they need to play in…we go over stuff every day in practice…but until you feel it you don’t understand the energy and focus it takes…a real NBA game…especially for Juan and Jordan because it’s really their first time…great to have fans…energy in the building…makes the games that much better.”


- describe Q4: “see Juan go down like that…Steph rolling his ankle, definitely let the air out of the sails a little bit…lot of things we could do better, that was the feel of a playoff game…good test…Philly.”

- turnovers? “We gotta take care of the ball a little bit better…learning experience.”

- see Juan? “Back there getting stitched up, he’s alert and well…his positivity…just to see how much he means to everybody, everybody over there.”

- second unit? “We get stops out there…Jordan Poole has been great for us…we’ve been solid, we haven’t done anything crazy…starting to come together for us.”

- Steph’s lefty and-one: “yeah, I mean, unreal. And those are the shots that keep you coming back…seeing the master…I haven’t seen him practice that shot but the fact that now you know he got that in his bag.”

- previous inconsistency: “no minicamp, bunch of new guys…injuries, Covid…the schedule wasn’t favorable so we just kinda stayed the course…we just reaping the fruits of that labor…now we’re a force to be reckoned with, we got the best player in basketball…a little bump in the road…looking forward to the challenge.”

- resilient, Philly: “starting the trip out in OKC like we did…you want to take away the result and kinda look at the film, we are a much better team than we have been…looking forward to the challenge, I mean, everyone hates losing…just giving us the chance is all you can ask for this time of year.”

- why is Steph the best? “Just the way he — it’s a lot of stuff that people don’t see…guy that makes everyone around him better…so many open shots, so many lanes to the rim…the banging he goes through on a nightly basis…physicality…continued to push…true leader…hasn’t complained once…he just shows up and he leads…commanding a lot of attention.”

“Go Dubs, baby, five out of seven.”


- like a playoff game? “Back and forth and a lot of excitement…we put on a good game.”

- good game for youngsters? “Prepare yourself knowing what it’s gonna be like…what kind of offense/defense you’re gonna see.”

- did you see Juan? “He’s in good spirits, he’s a tough dude.”

- Juan: “That’s why he is who he is…he’s gonna give you 150%, any loose ball…making that play even resulted in a three for Steph…only a few players can make.”

[Dray and Steph are in a follow-up article, again, for subscribers only…]