Warriors-Bulls pregame: Stephen Curry’s “conditioning will still be there”

Plus Wiseman PNR (“Draymond, those 3 together”)

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Bulls pregame with Steve Kerr and Billy Donovan. The one time I was ready to go with the opposing visiting coach, I realized at the last minute that the email did not actually have the link, so we unfortunately do not have any Donovan footage at the time of the Zoom. I’ll be sure to try and check the links the moment the emails are sent out, next time.

But then I stumbled upon that very footage from while double-checking the NBA media site, and got lucky (see below, underneath Kerr notes & quotes).

The first video on our YouTube channel is atop this article and clickable, on Stephen Curry’s probable return tonight and if there are any minutes restrictions.

The next video after that will be one on the pick-and-roll talk about Curry with James Wiseman, with Kerr throwing Draymond’s name in there.

The goal for the third video is the all-female crew for tonight of Kate Scott, Kerith Burke and Mary Murphy, mainly because Kerr said Paige Bueckers is a “mesmerizing” player.


- Steph official? “should be in but he’s gonna warmup before the game just to make sure, but all signs are pointing to him playing.”

- Kerith/Kate/Mary: “I’ve been upstairs actually watching UConn and Baylor, watching just the talent level of these girls…the impact that women have on basketball…any many other areas…coaching ranks, management as well, broadcasting is another area where there’s no reason why we can’t have women’s influence.”

- Steph tailbone, pillows? “He had a heat pack on at shootaround…he kinda looked a little funny but he’s just doing whatever it takes, but the main thing is he’s feeling really good…Rick feels good about him playing.”

- Steph x Wiseman PNR: “Yeah, I mean, it’s a work in progress…not just in pick and roll but every aspect of the game…no substitute for game action, game experience. It’ll be good for Steph and James together and Draymond, those three together…a variety of pick and rolls…he has to learn all of those nuances.”

- simple set the screen, Wiseman timing: “it really is a feel thing…when to slip out…when to hold it…Theo Robertson…I’ll watch tape with James sometimes.”

- when know Nico increased role? “I wasn’t exactly sure…I know enough about the NBA that everybody gets a chance…especially this season (COVID)…most confident young guys I’ve been around…he couldn’t wait to play…wanted to play Opening Night…he’s aggressive, he’s confident…Orlando was good for him, both conditioning-wise and rhythm-wise.”

- Bulls trades, LaVine? “Pretty impressive for the Bulls to be able to add a guy like Vuc…bold move…you have to have the right mix of veterans with young players…I like the move a lot…Billy Donovan…I’ve watched them periodically on League Pass…building something that’s real and sustainable.”

- team defense dipped a lot: “it has to do a little bit with our spirit, the last two games were really tough for us, we just did not have the energy or the spirit…cover the three-point shooting…it happens periodically in the NBA…you can’t let that stuff snowball on you, so we need to bounce back and have a really good defensive effort.”

- Steph CarMax Sue Bird: “I haven’t seen that one yet…Steph’s got a great dry sense of humor anyway…perfectly suited for bits like that where he can poke fun at himself…”

- Steph minutes restriction? “More based on how he’s feeling, his conditioning will still be there…if he gets tired quicker, we’ll get him out…he’s got a season’s worth of conditioning under his belt.”

- explore buyout? “Bob calls me with anything like that so it’s definitely a collaboration.”

- all-female crew: “watching Paige Bueckers is mesmerizing…my Wildcats coming on here with a chance to advance to the Final Four…the quality of play has just skyrocketed in the Women’s game…we are represented by some really talented women in the broadcasting side of basketball but frankly there should be more and probably more in coaching and management…a reminder to all of us that there are a lot of really talented people out there.”


It just so happens the CHI pregame is on the NBA Media site. Here are notes (not all at once, as I’m working on Kerr YouTube uploads):

- Coby White out

- when happened? “Maybe part of it is the way he slept”@

- Zach ankle: “we have to be mindful about how many minutes he’s absorbing…kinda guy who says he can play 48 minutes…he didn’t seem his normal self (vs SAS).”

- LaVine will play, number of players: “nine and a half…Vuc and Zach need to stagger.”

- Devon Dotson: “really good motor.”

- Kerr on Bulls, building something real and sustainable: “I appreciate Steve saying that…built a pretty good relationship over the years…covered us quite a bit doing the NCAA tournament (Florida)…incredibly down to earth…I consider him a friend…an even better person.”

- all-women broadcast: “anytime the game of basketball that is a worldwide game…more inclusive, more opportunities is always healthy.”