Warriors-Bucks postgame: Curry at his peak?, Wiseman/Poole PNR/hanging out (on the road)

Steph’s Q4 minutes, tailbone, “new love for the game”, birdie at Augusta!

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Bucks postgame. I’m sitting here in an otherwise empty Section 125 at Chase Center, not having eaten my dinner yet (poke bowl from Spark Social where I bumped into Shaun Livingston — vlog uploading tomorrow or Thursday), and I still have to figure out how to get to the Chase garage plus drive home, so I’ll keep it brief. You know the drill, check our YouTube channel for more videos tomorrow.

The one atop this article is clickable and happens to be, for various reasons, the one where James Wiseman says, “That shit was fun.”

The postgame also had great “extra-curricular” stuff from Stephen Curry, read below.

Oh, and I guess I’ll keep this post free for the good vibes. The guys on the Discord server are saying the lucky charm:


- best win of season? “I’m not into rankings…this qualifies as a helluva win.”

- Steph subs in early: “Yeah Steph and I had talked earlier…we got two days off…feeling much better (aside from) one play writhing in pain…got the rest coming…he was just phenomenal. Jrue Holiday is one of the best defenders in the league…Steph still goes out there and gets 41…impressive…amazing.”

- energy: “I’ve really enjoyed coaching this group all year…great group of guys, they care, they compete…hanging in there when things had gone south on us.”

- Wiseman? “Oh yeah I forgot we have to do the daily James Wiseman report…dove hard to the rim, and rebounded well, so he gets an A…let’s make sure we all talk about this tomorrow and redo the report card.” (Anthony Slater says, “Spicy!” and Kerr chuckles)

- Oubre? “Yeah Kelly was huge for us…Baze came off the bench…Wiggs…really battled and got the huge block…Yeah Kelly those two threes were big…free throws…took on a big defensive role.”

- discipline: “yeah that’s what we have to do…11 turnovers and we held them to 22 free throws…win at least our share of games down the stretch and maybe some more.”

- embrace postgame with Steph, exhale relief? “When you lose whatever we’ve lost in a row, a win deserves a hug.”

- ups and downs, recipe for momentum: “categories we just talked about, defending without fouling…we haven’t outrebounded a lot of teams.”

- team rebounding: “we talk about it all the time…keep their man out of the paint away from the ball.”

- Poole with Wiseman: “high ball screens quite a bit…Jordan had a really nice stretch that second quarter…what we’re really trying to lock in on for James…simplifying…playing with energy…good connection with Jordan, they practice together…similar aged.”

- Steph highest level, more confidence than we’ve ever seen? “It’s hard to say because he’s (never been) the yay I got here…definitely a lot stronger now than seven years ago…his body, his mind, everything has really sort of peaked…awareness level…combined with the physical strength…Jrue/Brook.”


- recap: “amazing night…even though they didn’t have Giannis they still got a bunch of guys…kept our spirits…weathering the storm…Steph…Kelly…getting tossed around like rag dolls.”

- Oubre? “His energy is unreal on the offensive glass…those plays are huge…that matters much more than a free throw…step up there…poise…going to war with him.”

- Steph ever play this well? “I alluded to it a little bit after the game…stop and appreciate what he’s doing right now…missed the majority of last season…is he gonna be himself?…still have that self-belief…inspires and uplifts everyone…young kids, adults, colleagues that feed off of that…great defender in Jrue Holiday…best as it gets…he took it to him all night…super physical…gave him 41 on pretty decent percentage.”

- Wiseman: “he takes four steps from the rim and he’s already at the three point line…he can outrun any center in the NBA…reminds me a lot of DeAndre Jordan…leave the rookie ladder thing…it’s all about impact…this game and it was another one (12 & 8).”

- best Q4 defense at one point, get to that level? “It’s funny, I just feel like there’s so much time…even with twenty games…we’re still there kinda looming…good things coming…I’ve stayed for the most part positive…my optimism is still in my bones…Kerr…we’re so close to breaking it open…gave up 45 free throws and (competed in Atlanta)…paying attention to details, guys on a string…beat a good team…sky’s the limit…we get 30 in the playoffs…watch out…mindset of getting big things done…at least with me on the team.”

“Go Dubs. Congratulations Janie.” (who won a journalism award recently)


- two man game with Wiseman? “We’re working at it every day…dangerous combination, us two in the pick and roll.”

- closing out this game: “we just had more focus…KO had two huge free throws…big stop from Wiggs…Steph continues d to carry us.”

Long pause with no questions: “There it is.” (Leaves) lol


- 10 first half rebounds: “Energy…focus…did my job.”

- High screens: “yes because I watched film and that was our game plan.”

- recap: “We had a lot of energy…did anything I could to win the game.”

- how much fun? “That shit was fun as hell, excuse my language…I was just hooping.”

- Poole PNR: “we just work out every day after practice…we hang out off the court.”

- Steph/awe: “Steph is Steph…how he approaches the game…focus…have fun…greatest point guards to ever go down in history…very inspiring for me…he’s just great.”

- Poole PNR: “communicating, trying to figure out which screens he likes the most.”

- hanging out with Poole? “On the road…hang out for a little bit…talk about basketball watch film…how I can get better position…talk on the plane.” [This was actually my question; I had envisioned him and Poole playing video games but it was actually all business, which is actually a bit of a pleasant surprise.]

Ray jokes that Draymond just fined Wiseman for profanity.


- needed this win? “Pretty clear what rough road we’ve been on…good to have a close game…clawed a win…Kelly hit some huge ones for us, Baze was amazing for us all over the court…everybody that step foot on the floor.”

- extending minutes convo with Kerr? “Hey Coach can I play two extra more minutes. Sure Steph that works great. Okay, I’ll see you in four minutes.”

- feel good? “Knowing the schedule with two days off…I feel good pretty much every game so I feel like I can play more…it was winning time…it was necessary tonight.”

- different guys made plays, contagious, turning point? “I mean, we’re gonna find out. It’s that kinda cycle we’ve been going in all season…we all know how much we needed this, you want to maintain this joy, this energy…sustain that (through next game) that’s all you can do at this point…good vibes…you have to stay even keel…find ways to bottle that up for Friday’s game.”

- pain on play with tailbone: “it only hurts when I fall on it now so I’m turning the corner…if that happens I’ll deal with it but if I can stay off of it…(won’t be in the back of my mind).”

- Bucks 1/9 late, defense: “it won us the game, just try to 1) not foul…they were making shots…I got lost on a pin down…Jrue hit two tough pull up threes, Kelly responded…just make them take tough contested jumpers…they’re a tough team to guard even without Giannis…Brook (threes)…Khris (anywhere).”

- Steve said playing best basketball, peaking, you feel that out there? “Absolutely. I’m just trying to keep pressing forward, keep trying to find ways to get better…frustrating season overall…but working through all of that and (challenge) honestly a new love for the game…hopefully shows on the court…I’m blessed to for the most part be healthy.”

- version of Wiseman that can help? “Absolutely…gonna be a work in progress…make sure you’re not overwhelming him…amazing energy…craziest close out…making DiVicenzo travel…active in pursuing the ball…pick and roll game…double double pretty early in the game…showing sign of confidence.”

- what changed from “idk”? “Tonight was mostly the lack of fouling…we had enough transition offense…soften them up a little bit and that gave us a little more flow…more rhythm, you get better shots…morale of what you’re trying to do stays high…as soon as you hear a whistle it’s like PTSD again…”

- not fouling drilled in? “We had practice yesterday evening. We didn’t talk much about Xs and Os…(Kerr) gave us a quote of how many free throws we had to limit them to…I guess we remembered that…we’ve got to do it again and again and again.”

Golf writer from assignment at Augusta - greetings: “you lucky little.”

- I ain’t played it like some people: “you got me there”

- relish going to Augusta, reverence? “Idk, it’s a special place, there’s a lot of history there…you feel like you know every hole…if you get to play it it’s even that much more special…just a feel good vibe of watching it on TV…majestic nature…all the members are awesome…representation…back in 1975 when Lee Elders first played…as a golf fan you love it.”

- nervous at Augusta? “No doubt. But I birdied the first hole and almost walked off.”

Warriors PR: no practice tomorrow, not sure what time on Thursday.