Top 10 Explain One Play Videos of 2018, #4 - #6

It’s rerun season, but these are the best reruns in history

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Here are the Top 10 Explain One Play game analysis videos from 2018, as measured by the all-important views on YouTube and Facebook.

#6. The Great Klay vs Zaza Dunk-off.

(Feb 11, 2018) The Great Klay vs Zaza Dunk-off! Klay Thompson and Zaza Pachulia have an ongoing contest over who will dunk more in a season. They continued their dunk contest in the Spurs game and ignited the GSW rally that won the game. Co-starring Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

#5. How Stephen Curry shut out LeBron James.

(Jun 1, 2018) In 2018 Finals Game 1, LeBron James had torched GSW for 49 pts, and in OT he started picking on “weak link” Stephen Curry. To everyone’s surprise, LeBron and CLE got shut out until the game was settled. Co-starring great help by Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.

#4. Game 6 Klay Thompson Returns to Save GSW.

(May 27, 2018) In Game 6 vs HOU, with elimination looming and down 17 points, GSW was desperate for good defense and smart offense. Klay Thompson answered the call. Watch how GSW attacked HOU’s switching defense and got Klay going with 35 huge points. Co-starring Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Coach Mike D’Antoni.

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