Eric Paschall corrects our overzealous Q&A transcription!

On NBA Twitter

Here it is, collected and set to some energetic copyright-free background music so as to not be as boring as the tweet thread:

UPDATE: So we (ok, @poormanscommish, author of this “update” paragraph) thought we heard Eric Paschall day Steve Kerr has an “elite bag” when describing his relationship with the Golden State Warriors head coach. Oops:

So, yeah, “laid back”, not “elite bag”, which comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Kerr’s style. Too bad, though, I thought finally a player was giving Kerr some credit for Xs and Os or, you know, starting lineups and player rotations. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Truthfully, it was difficult to hear what Paschall was saying at the time. Obviously one can’t expect the best audio when responses are made in video selfie mode. I amped up all of Paschall’s responses by 200% in the video compilation above, but once your mind locks in to a verbal quote, it’s hard to come back from it.

Here it is in original format: