The transition is almost done...

Sorry about any hiccups

Glad to still have you!

I am very happy to see that so many great readers and commenters have made the transition over to our new web site. The site continues to have a great cast of writers and it’s organized similarly to the old site, just with cool new graphics.

I wanted to warn about one possible last hiccup this weekend, as we complete the transition, and also to apologize for a few past hiccups.

Last hiccup (maybe) coming

The main takeaway is that will remain our official URL. If you get completely lost, email Eric at

This weekend, if everything goes well, you won’t notice anything. If things go badly, the URL may act unreliably for a day. There is also a chance you might have to log in again once or more times.

The last step of the transition is changing our URL to The link already works, but all the articles show a URL of I am planning to flip the switch on Sunday, July 4th.

In the end, will remain the official URL. (Insiders will know that is the secret way back to the site in case all else fails.)

Apology for Past Hiccup #1. Log in oddness

With the first part of our URL change, I know a lot of us had to log in again, which is annoying because a lot of us (ahem not me of course) forgot our passwords. Once this transition is done, we won’t have to log in again and we can go back to forgetting our passwords.

Apology for Past Hiccup #2. Substack weirdness

There was oddity around comments not autodisplaying and comment counts being outdated. This is actually a Substack-wide thing, not due to our transition.

There are also general complaints (yes from us too) about the constraints of the commenting powers.

This is part of the compromise of hosting at Substack. This arrangement lets us concentrate on making great content and engaging with the community, and letting Substack handle the site security, design and maintenance, and sometimes we get caught in the Substack bad weather.

Keep letting us know, but also know it’s not in our power to act directly… we have to convince Substack.

Apology for Past Hiccup #3. Your involuntary sign up to Rich’s newsletter

A number of you were upset and confused that you were signed up involuntarily for Rich’s newsletter.

Rich has gone his own way and can do what he likes with the LGW url and brand. He started his own Substack newsletter and kept the LGW logo with our legal blessing.

Then, without our legal blessing, he appears to have secretly grabbed the entire Dub Nation HQ mailing list and forcibly subscribed everyone to Rich’s new newsletter. That was quite uncool (and against our legal agreement).

If he had asked permission, we would have instead let him write guest posts promoting Rich’s newsletter and let you voluntarily sign up for it. We could have consistently promoted his new site here. But Rich chose otherwise.

We spoke with Substack and they said that if you are unhappy with this turn of events, please unsubscribe from Rich’s newsletter and then write an email to with a message stating something like:

Hello Substack support, I've recently been receiving unsolicited emails from Let's Go Warriors. The site moved to a new name, but apparently someone has gotten their old mailing list and added me to the new site without my permission. I've unsubscribed and would like to report this publication to your support team for moderation. Thanks.

Thanks again!

You collectively make up our favorite place to hang out to discuss the Warriors, basketball and life. It wouldn’t be the worth it without you all.

Your suggestions?

Finally, as we look forward, you may have suggestions for things you’d like to see here:

  • feature ideas or categories

  • video or podcast content types

  • perks for subscribers

  • merchandise you’d like to be able to buy

  • and any other ideas!