The Bang Bang Shot: Stephen Curry's Most Famous Three

A labor of love: every angle I could find, plus audio commentary from that night by Klay, Dray, Andre, KD, Russ, Shaun, Coach Donovan, and of course Steph.

This is a late happy birthday video for Stephen Curry’s 32nd birthday about his most famous shot.


Those who've seen the shot will never forget it. To this date, it’s the only shot to get a double BANG from announcer Mike Breen, and he remembers it well:

Why was that the “double bang” moment?

I wish I had an answer for that. The whole performance. And the key was the build up. They took your breath away. That team took your breath away some nights. And to cap it off with that shot. I just kind of lost it. Not that you script stuff that you say. You never really do that. But I just got caught up in the emotion of the Warriors’ magical run. I don’t have a real answer for you. It just came out.

An unbelievable finish to an unbelievable game on February 27, 2016 between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This is a video collecting every angle I could find, plus audio commentary by players recorded right after the game, including Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Shaun Livingston, Ian Clark, Coach Billy Donovan, and of course Stephen Curry himself.

Enjoy this love letter to a wild shot for wild times.

Coming soon is an epic followup video about the entire Bang Bang game, which had so much stuff in it: Dray's halftime I Am Not A Robot fight, Steph's injury/return, Andre's last second FT, Klay's clutch shots, in addition to this legendary shot:

Bonus Video

One of my favorite videos…

If you speak any of the languages well and want to do a translation, post it in the comments!


They do have a timeout, decide not to use it, Curry, way downtown, BANG! BANG! Oh what a shot from Curry!


A. Eh, Ils vont jouer, le shot de la victoire pour Curry, il est loin, IL EST DEDANS IL EST DEDANS!

B. C’est pas vrai! C’est pas vrai! Mais comment, Mais ce mec là il faut l'enfermer! Ce n’est pas possible!

A. Steph Curry! L’impossible devient possible. Devient banal tout simplement

A. Oh, they will play on. The shot for the win by Curry, it is far… IT’S IN! IT’S IN!

B. It’s not true! It’s not true! But how, but this guy has to be locked up. That isn’t possible!

A. Curry! The impossible... becomes possible. Becomes… quite simply commonplace.

The B guy requiring to lock up Curry is Jacques Monclar, former French player and coach (I think he played in the LA '84 Olympics) turned announcer with his legendary rocky voice.

I remember another outburst with the wild Ginobili dunk on Bosh in the Finals, something like "he's going back at it, the animal" right before the poster. - CurryWayDowntown


Still need help on this one.


Golden State prefiere no pedir el tiempo. Tiro de Curry de tres. ¡Y lo metió! ¡Y lo metió! ¡Y lo metió! ¿Cómo puede ser? ¡Stephen Curry!

Golden State prefers not to take a timeout. Curry's shooting a three. And he put it in! And he put it in! And he put it in! How could this be? Stephen Curry!

May the ¡Y lo metió! could have a better translation, but it refers to the fact that he put the ball through the hoop. By the way, it is a Mexican commentator. Seems to me that he mentioned Iguodala just at the very beginning before saying Golden State, sound is fade in and is not very clear. - David Hernández


Not a native speaker, but here's the Russian: 

И теперь Стеф Карри будет решать… Три очка… Точно! Вот это да! Стеф Кари! Что сегодня сотворил, Стеф Кари, а?

And now Steph Curry's going to decide it. Three pointer... Bingo! Wow!!! Steph Curry!!! What have you created today, Steph Curry, eh? 

(the verb in the last part is only used for the creation of miraculous things, like masterpieces, the Earth in 7 days, etc.) - muppet baby dubs


Golden State controlla il rimbalzo, Curry non chiede il timeout... NOOOOOO, COMEEEEEE, anche questo, no, no, no. Sei decimi!!

Golden State gets the rebound, Curry doesn’t ask timeout... NOOOOOO, HOWWWWW, this one too, no, no, no. Six tenths!

Plus in the follow up, that here is cut, one speaker says: “let’s shut up. We can’t but shut up.” and the other answers: “But we can laugh, can’t we?” - Stefano Gelati


wú miǎo duō, sì miǎo, sān…

5 seconds left, four seconds, three… CURRY... IN! Oh, mother. Oh, heavens. From so far away. Two full paces away from the 3-point line. Oh heavens.

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