Stephen Curry postgame All-Star media availability: LeBron, Klay, Dame, CP, HBCUs/BLM/Asian hate

“Champ of the family”, “a lot to accomplish”

Below are notes & quotes from Stephen Curry’s postgame Zoom call with NBA media after last night’s 70th NBA All-Star Game.

We have several videos up on the YouTube channel and Steph All-Star playlist, including a live look we did on Instagram (clickable above, tap on the maximize icon if you’re on your phone), and this compilation of behind-the-scenes stuff from the Warriors, Ayesha Curry, and Steph:


- recap: “that last rack and having fun and turning that into a win”

- LeBron: “we had fun in the locker room, chopping it up”

- Dame: “you couldn't draw it any more perfect…showing off our skill set.”

- S/O Klay, bringing the trophy back to “rightful place” (SplashBros)

- LeBron/respect [I was filming the IG Live here]

- energy/fans: “the game itself felt the same…energy around the court…all locked in (at Chicago)…families…were more subdued.”

- COVID, players not wanting to come: “put on a show…get back to our respective homes…kinda what it ended up being…mission accomplished…(Embiid/Simmons acknowledged).”

- HBCU/society/Asians: “a lot of progress that’s happened…galvanizing of awareness…all those things were happening…whatever side that you’re on…more of a collective commitment…make this an every day expectation as opposed to just the moment…so many people that are doing amazing work…Stacey Abrams…we all have a responsibility to continue to plug in…it’s not just BLM, it’s ending racism across the board…stopping Asian hate, speaking for people who can’t.”

- ASW exhaustion: “Definitely the prior experiences are more exhausting…fans…city…building…having everything in one night was kinda cool.”

- Dame exchange? “It all happens naturally…not choreographed…just trying stuff.”

- back at ASG: “thankful…keep things moving in the right direction…this is a really cool milestone…with the best 24 in the league.”

- 3pt winning shot pose: “If I would’ve missed I would’ve held my follow through even harder…made me look even better.”

- recap: “it’s everybody because everybody does it differently…really cool to see Mike Conley, I’ve forever called him along with Jrue Holiday one of the best point guards in the league…more than well-deserved…in Year 14.”

- Chris Paul lob dunks: “that was the only thing that was choreographed tonight…discussing athleticism…both didn’t know what the hell we were talking about…only do it from one side…it happened quick…Dame then me then CP and everybody connected…hops in our old legs.”

- recap: “still had a great time out there, I still love basketball…along the way some acknowledgement being an All-Star is pretty awesome.”

- HBCU: “put HBCUs on the national map…culture, the excellence and the community…work out at Johnson C. Smith…Howard University…support them and put them on the map.”

- Curry family contests: “too many to count idk what the tally is but you’re only as good as your last game, so I’m the champ of the family right now.”

- accomplish? “I have a lot to accomplish, I don’t have anything to prove, what drives me is having fun…pursue a higher level of excellence on the court…never know when the basketball gods, if you will, will tell you to hang them up…fuels everything…I just love it.”