Steph Curry's trainer Brandon Payne on Curry's scariest injuries, dunk goals, and Wiseman's fit

Who knew Curry keeps track of his dunk numbers?

Our very own Poor Man’s Commish linked LGW with Stephen Curry’s trainer, Brandon Payne, for a fun draft night conversation. Payne represents Accelerate Basketball and is a goldmine of info on basketball theory and Curry’s secret powers.

In addition to working with Curry to improve while staying healthy, he’s also worked with other ballers like superstar Luka Doncic and prodigy Jalen Green. In our interview, he covered a variety of topics including the toughest Curry injury to rehab, Curry’s cues for breaking down defenses, and how Wiseman can help the Warriors win now.

We took some clips from that draft night chat for your viewing pleasure.


  • 00:13 - The scariest injury Payne helped Curry heal from.

  • 1:20 - Payne gives an update on how Curry has stayed sharp during the pandemic (and how badly Curry wants to dunk in another game).

  • 3:07 - The secret cues Curry uses to terrorize defenders on the court

  • 4:32 - Payne discusses the amazing potential of Wiseman and the concerns of playing a rookie in a win now situation.

  • 11:17 - Payne touches on the loaded 2021 draft, and reveals stories from training Jalen Green and Luka Doncic alongside Curry.

  • 14:48 - Payne describes his thought process in training young point guards in the modern NBA.

  • 16:24 - Payne explains how Eric Paschall’s skillset works with the Warriors and the changing of the teams roles from last year.

  • 17:46 - Payne discusses the next level of basketball training through his program Accelerate Sports.