Rewatch Thread: 2017 Finals Game 2, tonight 8pm Pacific

Spoiler alert: Steph 32 point triple double, KD drops 33

Tonight, NBCSN is replaying 2017 Finals Game 2 at 8pm Pacific.

This is the game where Coach Steve Kerr came back. KD went 33-13 and Stephen Curry unloaded a masterful 32 point triple double as the team overcame a sloppy first half.

If you want to get in the mood, we have several highly in-depth articles written as the 2017 Finals were unfolding. You can either read them in advance to heighten your awareness while watching, read them afterwards for a new perspective, or ignore them entirely and feel guilty for not reading them.

2017 Finals Analysis

Behind The Scenes Video

A huge playlist from the day of Game 2 is on our YouTube! Here is just a brief sample of the video:

Your Turn

I’m leaving this thread here as a place we can comment for anyone rewatching tonight.

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