Rewatch: the entire Nuggets Upset, Steph’s smash playoff debut, Jarrett Jack and the darling 2013 Warriors

Re-broadcast all afternoon today on NBCS, starting 2pm Pacific

This is where the dynasty started. This series would put Stephen Curry on the map and convince Andre Iguodala to join the cause.

NBC Sports Bay Area will air eight straight hours of the four games the Golden State Warriors won in the opening round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs against Andre Iguodala’s Denver Nuggets this afternoon and evening.

Last night also happened to be the NBA’s re-streaming of Stephen Curry’s still-career-high 54 points at Madison Square Garden: click here (and check the comments) for details and how you can still watch that one. You’ll notice how different things were in that era: a lot of one-on-one isolation, as head coach Mark Jackson went with old-school thinking of letting superstars carry the team with individual play.

For me, 2013 was my first glimpse at being on the Warriors beat. The following summer, I would be the only local beatwriter to cover them on the China trip. So that first foray into the playoffs since the #WeBelieve year was special to me.

My favorite in-game Warriors memory is, true to my contrarian ways, when I witnessed Draymond Green and a whole host of other Dubs scramble for a loose rebound against the Nuggets. The way they wanted that ball, it was like their lives depended on it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly which game and moment that was, but it was probably in the deciding Game 6 at home. A close second, however, would be any of the 30-foot haymakers Steph threw up — those are obviously not as jaw-dropping anymore as they were seven years ago (‘nuff said).

And there was floor general (and locker room veteran voice) Jarrett Jack. I just did a search on here and hadn’t seen one on him yet for a “Warrior For Life” badge, but the behind-the-scenes video below — he stays on the court after the elimination by the San Antonio Spurs, then gives away his shoes (not shown), then gives away his jersey (shown!) — clearly shows he deserves it: