Rewatch: Curry drops 51 on 26 shots to comeback from 22 down vs Mavs, Feb 4 2015

Re-broadcast on NBCSN Bay Area tonight at 8pm Pacific

For those of you who can’t view it, there are some video highlights at the end.

My Game Notes From The Day After

Haha, it’s funny how obvious these things are five years later and how completely mind-boggling and “can’t win with this” it was in 2015.

Curry & Klay are redefining acceptable offense

We have to recalibrate our "NO NO… YES!" meters for their shooting, since they hit "bad" shots at a pretty good clip.

For instance, the Ws are absolutely revolutionizing the use of the transition 3. (This would be a good fan post.) The figures I saw recently were something like the Ws are not only first, but they take about as many transition 3s are the next six teams combined, and about as much as the whole rest of the league combined. Basically, no one else does it, and the Ws do it with astounding volume.

Just a great start to the fourth with Curry on the bench, the bench pushed the lead from 3 to 11. And Andre played the whole fourth! The defense was just beautiful in the fourth (the only part I saw on TV). Lots of great switches, great contests, excellent harassing leading to bad Dallas passes to the top of the arc… if it weren’t for all those offensive rebounds, Dallas would have been put away sooner in the fourth.

Is it fair to say that at that time [the start of Steph’s career] Monta was a better "ISO at end of game to get a bucket" guy than Curry? And also was (and remains) one of the great bad-shot-makers in the league? That’s the stuff that hits the eyeball first.

Compare: It took a while for Draymond to get his full due, and even now Andre’s contributions I think are underrated.