Rewatch: 2015 Round 1. On track for the Revenge Rematch against the Clippers if they can handle their business

Basketball from the good old days when we could high five without sanitizer

Given the NBA season suspension, what better time to look back at the 2015 NBA Playoffs run, which ended the 40-year title drought. I’ll post a game every day, which should last us 21 games. Come watch along with me! These articles will be written as if the events were unfolding in real-time. The full series index is here.

Around The League

Most of the other first round series are rolling along as planned:

with the exception being the hated Clippers almost blowing it to the Spurs. All the teams below the Warriors were very close in the standings, and things got decided on the last day.

As Bleb Han remembers:

AD was the unsung hero of the 2015 playoffs. That crazy double clutch 3 at the buzzer not only beat OKC, but won NOP the regular season series, since they had to beat SAS in game 82 of the regular season to tie OKC in the standings. I think KD and Serge would've played in spite of their injuries and may or may not have ended GSW's season. Not only that, but NOP winning the very last game of the regular season changed GSW's path to the WCF. SAS went from the 2 seed to the 6 seed just like that. And the whole "Cool story, Glenn" narrative was underway. Many thanks, AD, my pick for Honorary Warrior For Life.

SAS were probably the better team, but LAC got home-court advantage in a very tight series which they trailed 3-2 after losing at home, had to win Game 6 at San Antonio, and then won Game 7 on a crazy awkward last second shot by a banged up Chris Paul.

Thank goodness, the Clippers pulled it out. All of Dub Nation wants revenge for last year’s Game 7 loss and their general asshattery. If the Warriors can get through Memphis, we’re on track for a vengeful rematch, as long as the Clippers can handle their business against the Rockets.

In the East, it doesn’t matter. The Cavaliers are the best of a very weak conference, and they are sleepwalking through the regular season and playoffs. The Hawks have a better record, but no one thinks they will do more than give LeBron a good workout. CLE’s test will be whoever makes it out of the West.

See you tomorrow for Game 1 of Grizzlies-Warriors in the Second Round!