Question: Alen Smailagić, great Warrior or GREATEST Warrior?

Come on, we're all thinking it, I just typed it out loud.

Current Depth Chart

This is an approximate guess by me. Your depth chart might look different.

Alen Smailagić

The Warriors have famously loved this guy for a while, going so far as to hide him from other teams when they didn’t have contractual control over him. He made a splashy and very bold appearance in the big leagues, dunking on LeBron, shooting 3s, and missing spectacularly ambitious plays.

And he expanded the minds of his teammates by serving them Serbian food.

He did try on defense but was too slow to contest a lot of drives.

The stats have to be taken with many grains of salt due to small sample size and chaotic team situation, but ESPN RPM surprisingly likes him with Offensive RPM +0.07 (#22 out of 96) and Defensive RPM -0.48, putting him overall at #32 out of 96 PFs.

Cleaning The Glass stats also love him: Excellent scorer and assister, but very turnover-happy. Slightly above-average steals and rebounder. Fouls somewhat frequently, rarely blocks. On defense, he’s average at blocks and offensive boards and really bad at steals, fouling and defensive rebounding.

And advanced stats like BPM are quite negative on Smiley.

So, are we going to see Smailagic playing any kind of serious role next season?

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