Post Game party: undefeated Dubs run and gun to a tough win

Some magic early, and then again late from Curry juuuuust enough to get it done

I’m in no condition to write about anything at this point, but because of popular demand, we are putting up a short new thread for everyone to gather and discuss the latest episode of Golden State greatness.

Curry went nuts, then the Clippers went small and the home town heroes starting fumbling. Curry and Poole in particular had a lot of trouble with turnovers. But none of that mattered in the end, because Golden State was just too damned much for the LA teams!

Anything can happen, but hot damn am I excited. The Warriors’ schedule gets a bit softer here in the near future, which is so bright, you need sunglasses.

Tons of credit to the Clippers. Their swarming, switch everything wing defense seems to have given the Dubs fits in a way that the Lakers never really did. Once they get their full squad back, it’s going to get interesting.

But one thing is for sure. This team is fun!

As always, Daniel Hardee will be back with your infusion of Gold Blood to go with your morning coffee.