It's Run TMC and the Splash Brothers in the Finals of our LGW Fantasy draft

Two guard-heavy teams emerge from the brackets for a shot at the big prize (ok, there's not really any sort of prize or trophy)

Eight Warriors’ fans met up for a remote fantasy draft. Their shared goal: assemble the best team of greats from the hodgepodge mixed bin of Golden State’s past and present. It’s been weeks of run-off voting, but now we have our final two teams vying for the Championship.

Fittingly, one the Finals teams is led by Stephen Curry, and the other by Klay Thompson. The Splash Brothers and the Run TMC backcourt have been mixed together to take their (pretend) teams to the final game of our Dubs All-Time Draft.

It’s A Great Time Out

Strengths: This team can rain threes and run in transition at Sonic the Hedgehog level speeds. They also have the personnel to regularly harass opposing offenses into bad shots.

Weaknesses: Lack of interior scoring.

This is a team that will remind many fans of the Bogut Warriors that won their first NBA Championship a few years ago - tremendously impactful backcourt, balanced by the stalwart defense of Andrew Bogut down low.

Todd Fuller House

Strengths: That backcourt is just silly good, and the Cousins/Jamison frontcourt will be a tough cover

Weaknesses: Lack of defense

This team made good on their first overall pick in the draft when they selected the most beloved Warrior of all time, Stephen Curry - but don’t sleep on the rest of this team, which features dynamic play makers at every position.



This would be an extremely entertaining series to watch, with Run TMC blended with the Splash Brothers to create one of the most wild showdowns imaginable. Though Curry is unarguably the better player, Tim Hardaway’s quick crossover and strong base could cause Curry some matchup problems in a seven-game series. Assuming Curry stays with Hardaway on defense, it also sets up an equally intriguing Thompson vs. Richmond battle at the shooting guard position.

Advantage: Slight advantage to Fuller House. Curry is the best player on the court.

Wings and Bigs

Since Jamaal Wilkes and Jason Richardson should both be used flexibly, it’s hard to predict exactly how the matchups would work here. If it were me, I may bump Richardson down to the shooting guard, and move Klay up to cover Wilkes. Regardless, the wings and guards will need to mix and match coverage as both Curry and Thompson would be running around like mad trying to get open for shots - precipitating a switching defense from both sides.

One glaring weakness is DeMarcus Cousins. Recall that for the purposes of our draft, you are only getting the single best season of that player while wearing a Warriors uniform. Even factoring in a healthy Cousins though, Bogut was one of the best at shutting him down when they faced in real life - though to what extend that remains true is tough to call on a team that is a bit more talented than those old Sacramento Kings teams. Still, given the rules of the draft, Bogut should significantly outplay an injury-plagued Cousins.

Advantage: Mostly even, but Cousins’ season with Golden State means that he puts his team at a disadvantage due to injuries/return from injuries.


The Harrison Barnes / Jeremy Lin bench battle is probably one of the best we’ve seen. Barnes, pick dead last in the fantasy draft brings a fair amount of value to his team here. While he’s not exactly a defensive ace, his ability to switch 2-4 while defending adequately at each position will come in extremely handy against the offensive punch of Fuller House.


It seems like the Twitter vote has mostly been going with the big names, with a couple of interested parties debating the merits of the rosters and matchups. Personally, I feel this one would be too close to call, but I’ll go with Fuller House as the Champion. Curry really is the best player on the court, and though Cousins could be a limiting factor against Bogut, this series would almost surely turn into a run and gun affair with both Centers watching from the bench.

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