Is Doc Rivers a good coach?

Clippers fanatic Robert Flom joins the LGW Vidcast to discuss how the ex-coach broke his heart in L.A.

Damn, Doc Rivers went from the Clippers to the 76ers hella quick!

The latest installment of the LGW Vidcast features myself, Duby Dub Dubs, and Clippers fanatic Robert Flom discussing Rivers’ demise in L.A. and fresh start in Philadelphia. Robert, formerly of SB Nation’s Clips Nation, is the managing editor of 213 Hoops, and has suffered greatly in his Clippers’ fandom.

Join us as he tries to reassemble the shards of his broken heart amidst the surprise of Rivers getting re-hired after blowing his second 3-1 lead as coach of the Clippers.

Here are the timestamps from the convo, enjoy!

  • 1:11 Robert gives an emotionally driven grade for Doc Rivers’ Clippers tenure

  • 3:15 Longer tenure: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air seasons or Doc coaching Philly?

  • 09:41 The Lakers have made big lineups vogue again; can Philly duplicate that with Embiid-Horford?

  • 13:08 Does Philly have the talent to win it all?

  • 14:58 How salty is Robert that the Clippers didn’t meet the Lakers in the playoffs?

  • 18:40 Who is most likely to be next Clippers coach?

  • 23:30 How do Clippers fans feel about Paul George?

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