Instant Emergency Wendell Carter Jr Thread

This is just a warning, this is just a rumor.... OR IS IT

There may be no reason for you to learn more about Wendall Carter Jr. But just in case this rumor has any legs…

…you might be curious about him. The comp I’ve read most is Al Horford.

The basic logic would be this: WCJ might already be better than Wiseman this year and maybe next. Also #4 is about as good as #2 because the salary is less and this draft has a super imperfect Top 3 and another questionable 10, so it’s all the same, and maybe one of the Top 3 falls to #4 anyway.

If this actually happens, I’ll try to flesh this out into a proper scouting report.

This is a nice scouting report: WENDELL CARTER JR.’S ASCENSION PUT ON HOLD but it’s only based on his rookie season.

This one is more recent: OPINION: Should the Chicago Bulls Consider Trading Wendell Carter Jr.?


which make it sound like a positional clash with Lauri Markkanen at the 4.

And now for some highlight reels.