Harden's Rockets must be hungry after being starved for years by Warriors

LGW presents a musical tribute to a ringless James Harden and his Golden State roadblock.

The All-Star break is over and the limping Golden State Warriors only have 12 wins to show for the season.

And yet if we look at the big picture, things could be a lot worse. The team is coming off five straight Western Conference titles and 3 NBA titles after all. Golden State also has the most combined regular season wins over the NBA’s last 5 1/2 seasons.

Third on that list is their opponent tonight, the Houston Rockets, the perpetual bridesmaid of the Western Conference. A frustrated Houston franchise has no titles to show for all of their regular season success.

Adding insult to injury, the Warriors have eliminated Houston from the playoffs four times over that five-year time span, with each series covered in a sticky layer of drama.

  • 2015: Warriors eliminated Rockets 4-1 after James Harden claimed Warriors “ain’t even that good.”

  • 2016: Warriors eliminated Rockets 4-1 despite Steph Curry tearing up his knee and ankle.

  • 2018: Warriors eliminated Rockets 4-3 after Andre Iguodala and Chris Paul were injured… and the Rockets missed 27 straight three-pointers in a home Game 7.

  • 2019: Warriors eliminated Rockets 4-2 despite Kevin Durant’s severe leg injury.

I know some might be tempted to call this a rivalry… but is it truly a rivalry when one side wins every time it counts? This seems more like the working relationship between a hammer and a nail.

Houston’s MVP Harden must be sickened every time he sees the blue and gold. And how relieved is he that the Splash Bros (his tormenters) are currently sidelined?

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On a personal note, did you know that there exists an entire blog thread dedicated to hating on me for predicting (correctly) that the Rockets would ultimately fail last season? Smh these Warriors-Rockets beefs spill over into the fanbases too.

Thankfully we have rings on our side.