Gamethread: No Wiggins or Kuminga for Warriors against a Lakers team that likes to play big

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LeBron James and Russell Westbrook sat out of both of the Los Angeles Lakers’ first two preseason games. With Trevor Ariza also down for about two months due to ankle surgery, it’s left the Lakers with Anthony Davis, and a random assortment of journeymen. Journeymen with recognizable names, for sure - but journeymen, nonetheless.

It looks like coach Frank Vogel is rotating rest for his big men as well, meaning no DeAndre Jordan tonight, probably.

This is the midpoint game of the Golden State Warriors’ five-game preseason, and at this point, the Warriors are a bit thin themselves.

Assuming the Lakers start Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis as their froncourt, this is pretty much the maximum stress test scenario that you are looking to judge your intentional small ball roster against.

Let’s run ‘em off the court!