Game Thread: Warriors resting Curry, Green; JTA and Lee will start against Lakers

Golden State will get first look at LeBron's newly revamped Big 2.5

It’s game time! The preseason is winding down, and so it looks like Stephen Curry and Draymond Green will both indeed be given the night off. With proof of concept firmly in hand, Golden State will shift their focus to the further ends of the bench rotation.

Down in Los Angeles though, the resting stars time is gone. With the preseason almost gone, the Lakers have yet to get James, Westbrook, and Davis on the court at the same time. Westbrook has looked downright bad, but the hope in LA is that the presence of James will help lighten the load on Westbrook’s shaky offense and decision-making.

Between rest on one side, and limited availability on the other, expect the second half of this one to feel very much like a preseason game as both coaches dig deep while waiting for the games to count.