Game Thread: The City of Splash Brotherly love

Gary Payton cleared to return, but still no Iguodala

It feels a bit like a Friday this afternoon, and despite some key players missing on both sides, the matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers should be a fun one. Hopefully we get some Curry on Curry tonight, both players are having fantastic years, but Seth Curry is questionable (back).

From pregame injury reports, it looks like Gary “The Mitten” Payton is poised to return to action, though we will still be deprived of Andre Iguodala and his crazy MFin hands. He’s been out for over a week now, his last game played was 19 minutes against the Cleveland Cavaliers on November 19th.

Could be worse though, look at the length of the Sixers injury report:

Also, as promised this morning you can see my new (shiny) motorcyle here. I think it’s cool. Nowhere near as fast as my old bike (pic also in that link) but man, this thing is beautiful!