Game 24. SAS 105, GSW 100. Dubs play well when not punching selves in the face repeatedly

Warriors always claw and fight until the game is close enough that the loss hurts.

Warriors fought hard to get it into random ending territory and the luck of the dice landed on… “embarrassing”. It still took an insane shot to put the Warriors away. They definitely have enough specialness to get the game close enough so the losses hurt.

In Game Notes

  • On that last Steph 3 of Q1 I yelled GET OUT OF HERE. I always have the deep analysis going, see

  • That’s like the Kerr dream. Steph mainly works off ball all quarter, creating space for others to get in rhythm. Then Steph looks for his shot for the last 2 minutes and pulls 13 PTS out of his butt for the quarter

  • Should I be worried that Steph is stretching out his left leg with a giant Theraband thing

  • I’d have to go to the tape to see what 4 dimensional move Dray was unfolding with those consecutive turnovers

  • Oubre has now installed the Back Cut module.

  • ANOTHER Oubre back cut from OUR GUY JUAN

  • It’s nice when you’re watching with no sound to have Kelly Oubre to tell you when there’s a change in possession

  • Devin Vassell Army surely happy tonight

  • Yeeeesh. Steph’s step back seems a little longer this year.

  • Then he turns off clipping to sneak that little layup in.

  • Well, that is a Mills Flop on Wiggs And then... not a good Block call. But challenged!!

  • I’d like to see teams get three challenges, and also make the reviews 10 times faster. Why do the refs on the floor have to make that call?

  • One stop and it’s a Random Ending, come on!!

  • Draymond having a vigorous conversation with Murray

  • Some terrifying dog heads in the stands


  • Okay, allow no threes

  • Well, that was a hell of a shot, so

  • Mathematically still possible!!

  • This Stephen Curry fellow. I have no words.


  • That was not the play.

  • GSW has to work on its end of game playbook.