Game 24. Warriors 111, Magic 105 - Big 3rd quarter, tons of Steph Curry, too much for Orlando

thank goodness for Wardell! Steph drops 40 on the wayward Magic, saves the Dubs from a bad loss

The Golden State Warriors ran out to a solid lead, and then watched it all evaporate in the second quarter. But then it was a whole lot of Stephen Curry as the shot-handed Magic just didn’t have enough punch to hang with Curry once he got going.

As usual, Golden State had some.. ahem… mixed results… from the bench. But in an oddly entertaining game, the heroes gathered themselves back together and conquered the Orlando Magic. These are the sorts of games that the Warriors have to win in order to maximize their playoff seeding, and the Warriors are just the right mix of bad and good to make it interesting.

Next up: Kevin Durant and the mighty Nets on Saturday. Strap in, because that one could get real ugly!

Apricot’s In-Game Ranting

  • By mutual agreement, the first two minutes of this game will be deleted from the record

  • Sorry My Guy Juan, rookies don’t get that call.

  • The no-point guards vs the no -bigs. Interesting performance art.

  • Vucevic mad that he looks like Large Anthony Slater

  • Uh this fellow Steph is en fuego

  • Ah they tried setting up a play for the last shot of Q1... held up a fist. I couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be... sort of looked like the Klay Play with Damion running it, but they had way too little time

  • Strange Magic sets where Vucevic starts out on the perimeter. Would think you’d have him mostly in the paint smashed our tiny tots.

  • I think Oubre’ll get a bigger payday and role elsewhere, no?

  • That was a play where three guys did drive and kick but no one left the paint. It was crowded in there

  • I don’t know about this looping play Q2.1.50 and I think the play before. Looks like a lot of running for Steph to set two back screens.

  • Steph going 3 for 2.

  • ORL was pretty hot shooting at the end there. And I expect Kerr will remind them to keep driving to the hoop. I expect GSW will be better in second half.

  • Oubre with GREAT patience to wait for that Steph pin-in to develop. And Wiggs setting the pin-in screen too. KO really looks like he’s not rushing in the last four or so games

  • I’d have to go back to see if ORL was sagging off My Guy Juan in H1. Didn’t feel like a problem when GSW ripped out to a big lead but... They do look better with Mulder out there in Q3

  • OMG I did not know Mulder could get up that high. I knew Mulder could dunk but that was trampoline territory

  • Dray and Ennis seem to be having a vigorous conversation. Probably analytic vs continental philosophy

  • Baze bumps up his shooting from left corner to 139%

  • Dubs have bobbled about four steals this quarter

  • Is that lucky ass whack really going to be an and-1?

  • Last play of Q3… Klay play? ... YES. With the slip screen option. Luckily you all have a video guide to understand that last play in Q3.

  • ORL approaching the record for most OREBs in one play

  • MY GUY JUAN stoning Vucevic twice getting posted up

  • MY GUY JUAN with the great find of Steph on that break.

  • And Steph with the simple play earlier... Magic screen OUR GUY JUAN off of Vucevic — scaredy cats — and Vu is posting up Oubre. OGJ jumps to slow the entry pass, Steph sneaks in and intercepts

  • OUR GUY JUAN with the steal, gets Steph an open 3. Then OGJ with the strip. Then draws the offensive foul.

  • As dominant a stretch as you can have without anyone but basketball nerds noticing. THEN THROWS IT OFF A MAGIC out of bounds. Awwww... gets it thrown off him next play

  • OGJ follows with a great cut, layup and then a GREAT DREB