Game 22: GSW 147, DAL 116. Oubre, OUR GUY JUAN and the Golden State Puny People upset Mavs

Oubre has a career high 40; Steph throws in an efficient 28

Hope this game gives Kelly his swagger back. I know it frustrates fans, but I'm all for Oubre shooting when he's out there. Take open shots. If he's cold, it's the coach's job to get him out. Ideally, he'll stay in the flow of the offense too, but if it's the bench, they often need someone to take a bail out shot.

I was calling him My Guy Juan to make fun of myself for how much I was talking about him, but now it's not so crazy, so everyone can share him. If he keeps hitting threes, he will be a fan favorite.

I guess I just assume DAL is not really a sub .500 team, but they are definitely playing like it. Their defense looked discombobulated and tired. Happy with the split, and we'll have a punch at the sweep.

I'm going to assume next game will feature tall Dallas players posting up and repeated dunking on our puny lineup. Because tonight was not it.

Other Random In-Game Yelling



  • MY GUY JUAN with a GREAT catch. Steph surprised everyone with the weird angle pass at Juan's nose at short range

  • I watch on CSN. I like Kelenna and can mostly tolerate Fitz. And I put the sound on low...

  • I'm not a big fan of the 2-3 zone

  • Juan makes decisions so fast with the ball. If there's no handoff, swing it. Shows how you can have an impact just by keeping the ball humming. And -- maybe I'm projecting -- it feels like Steph is cutting harder off ball knowing there's an increased chance he'll actually get the ball

  • Hmm, Q1.2.15. I *think* DAL ran the exact same play GSW ran, with an Iverson cut and a pop and dive. DAL did it more effectively

  • That's the point guard in Steph... gives up an open floater from the FT line to feed Bazemore an open corner 3. Not sure that's the right decision for expected points, but good for brotherhood

  • Q1.0.25. Ooooooo, I think that was a FAKE Klay end of quarter curl. Never saw that before. Got an open layup! That's an easy E1P to make...

  • Looks like DAL are really wrestling OurGuyJuan under the offensive boards

  • Hmmm, the Wanamaker post up. Where basketball meets conceptual art

  • That was almost an incredible on the ground batted pass to the corner for Doncic

  • Juan is literally the only guy trying to run offense for bench squad. He's feeding the post, then triggers a split cut. The post guy usually isos tho. He triggers the split by going to cross screen for the nearest shooter. The shooter can't help but notice the screen. But the post... can help noticing.

  • Could literally comment on every single play Juan’s in

  • OUR

  • GUY


  • Right after the THIRD straight play where Our Guy Juan triggers a split cut and where the post just isos. Come on my people. Work together here.

  • I already loved OurGuyJuan for all the little things he does with expectation of nothing but smart plays on O. If he shoots a league average 3...

  • Q2.6.10. I *think* Warriors ran that Iverson cut play again, but Oubre was about five seconds behind, so he ended up doing a compliance screen on a guy well after everyone else had cut past

  • Oubre is having a great scoring half but... when you go for a steal and end up behind the entire other team, you are guaranteeing them an open shot.

  • Oubre just kept pushing that hammer screen and drew a moving screen on Kleiber. Might have been held too

  • Our Guy Juan with a rookie jump on the cheap 3 shot foul... but I do think he landed before Doncic made contact. Can we challenge that?

  • Wow. Our Guy Juan makes up for it with a savvy pass out to Dray at the wing, triggering a Steph relocate and setting the nice pin in screen. Juan won't get an assist or a screen assist on the play, either

  • Okay I'm back, let's see what's happened since halftime... holy Toledo!!

  • “Afterlife lineup.” Excellent name. I don't understand it but it just sounds cool

  • If it gets back to single digits, I will go sit in a sensory deprivation tank

  • When Oubre has his mojo, he seems more willing to pass. That time, it swings to a Lee 3

  • Let's see if that Wiggs block activates him. I feel like blocks and big dunks give him 50% more mana

  • OUR GUY JUAN playing point center, finding D Lee

  • It's actually Adam Silver's intern controlling the rim with a playstation controller. Sorry to break the news

  • OUR GUY JUAN.... Wiggs steps up to the arc, looks to the general OUR GUY JUAN, who waves him to pull up from three! I mean... I know I go on and on about Juan, but how many max contract players are looking at the two-way contract guy for permission to heat check?a

  • Yes, confirmed that blocks and dunks give Wiggs 50% more mana, 20% more ability power

  • Kelly is allowed to heat check until he missed twice in a row. The Warriors way.

  • Next game will probably be DAL tall people posting up our tiny guys. Honestly, that's the strat I was assuming Coach Carlisle would use.

  • I think we can defend with lots of fronting and ball pressure? We'll see. Can definitely front and cover the lob, but would prob let a few through and also leave people open on the perimeter.