Game 14. GSW 121, SAS 99. Wiseman gets practice, learns to smash lobs

The rare comfortable win

Fun game!

In Game Notes

  • Wiseman has been way more aggressive on the boards. Important if that lasts.

  • Wiseman finally loading in the JaVale module. Honestly, part of the troubles has been that a lot of the past lobs have stunk. I imagine he hasn’t really had much practice time to focus on it.

  • Spurs might have set a record for airballs. If they shoot normally, they could possibly bomb their way back into it

  • Poeltl flummoxed EP in H1. Nice to see EP adjust with the fakes

  • DL probably deserved FF2, but I think he was trying to smack the ball and the shooter double clutch faked him

  • I like the idea of running Paschall in split cuts if he’s guarded by Poeltl. Try to use his mobility edge, since he can’t seem to blow by Poeltl in iso

  • Looks like they are screening for EP to force Rudy to guard him?? Unorthodox, but EP does seem more comfortable with tha matchup

  • That’s the second time I think this year that Steph has flipped a sublime unwise behind-the-back off-the-dribble pass to Looney that has bounced off his retina

  • Warriors in Force Feed Wiseman mode. It’s the Law of the Warriors Jungle: when a non-star gets hot, force feed them until them miss twice

  • I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for Wiseman to path out of bounds behind the basket on defense.

  • Spurs brought their C game, Warriors brought their B+ game. B+ because Steph just had a All-Star level game, not a Unanimous level game

  • The first comfortable win of the season?

  • (counter-suggestion: SAC game) Maybe... but that one wasn’t as start-to-finish as I recall

  • (counter-suggestion POR game 2) I’m never comfortable vs POR. I always feel like POR could be great if they decided to defend harder. I mean they haven’t in 6 years, I’m just saying

Quick Post Game Notes

  • Wiseman and the team looked WAY more comfortable connecting for alley-oops.

  • GSW ran some nice controlled offense against box-and-ones.

  • Oubre looks to have his swagger back.