(free clip) Explain One Play: Andrew Wiggins rains; LeBron James complains

Wiggins hit 3 huge threes in the MLK Day Lakers game

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A video preview from the E1P made after the thrilling, improbable MLK Day comeback against LAL.

The second film in the MLK Lakers Trilogy. The first was on Kelly Oubre. The third might never be made, so enjoy this one.

Wiggins hit 3 huge threes to keep the Warriors in the Lakers game. This was an instrumental part of setting up the comeback because the Lakers could have easily gotten separation and just never looked back here. Let’s have a close look at this stretch of the game and how these threes unfolded. Along the way, we’ll see Stephen Curry skip amazing passes, Draymond try out semaphore, young James Wiseman avoid shattering his hand, and LeBron James reveal his tender sensitive side as he chats up the refs, Draymond and his supporting cast. 

From the GSW-LAL game on 2020.01.19. 

Closed captioning available.

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