Forbes Sports salary cap expert breaks down how Warriors can add a star without losing core

Patrick Murray joins the LGW Vidcast to crunch some numbers and stir up the pot with Dub Nation

With the NBA season coming to a close, the Golden State Warriors have some huge decisions looming on the horizon. What do they do with that lottery pick? Are they willing to absorb the tax ramifications of using the MLE? Heck, how much money will they even have in the salary cap with the pandemic putting the NBA’s finances in uncharted territory?

With all of this to ponder, LGW brought in the big guns to work it all out. Patrick Murray, senior correspondent with Forbes Sports (and friend of ours from the GSOM days), is here to examine the intricacies of the Golden State dilemma. He also has a FASCINATING take on who the Warriors should draft (Hint: it’s not Wiseman!).

Here are the timestamps for the convo:

  • 1:35 Patrick explains how the pandemic directly affects the future salary cap

  • 3:13 Should the Warriors even use the MLE option since it could push them into big salary cap tax trouble?

  • 6:54 Patrick’s dream scenario for stealing away a particular Boston player

  • 10:23 The evidence for why the Warriors DON’T need to rush and get a center in the draft

  • 18:25 Patrick reveals who he believes is the best player available in the draft

  • 28:43 Patrick asks a very difficult question for Dub Nation to consider

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