Explain One Play: Stephen Curry Gets Open 3s For Andrew Wiggins

Video analysis of the March 5 2020 Raptors-Warriors game

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Please enjoy this video analysis of how Stephen Curry’s presence and playmaking created open threes for Wiggins and generally created offense all over the court for the young Warriors.

The long-awaited return of Stephen Curry did not disappoint. The Warriors took the defending champion Raptors down to the last shot, with Curry leading a rag-tag roster of ZERO other players from last year: five recent G-League players, two late-draft-pick rookies and mystery man Andrew Wiggins, widely regarded as the worst contract in the NBA.  

Next season’s success will be determined by Wiggins’s chemistry with Stephen Curry, and things are off to a promising start.

‪Video breakdown co-starring Marquese Chriss, Eric Paschall and Jordan Poole. ‬

Bonus In-Game Notes

  • At Chase for the return of Steph. He's missed a ton of warm up shots. Adjust the lines accordingly

  • Hahaha the crowd went berserk as soon as Steph got the ball, then said AWWW when he gave it up, like Steph was supposed to pull up from 35

  • Golly, some vigorous boos for Pat McCaw. I guess not all is forgiven

  • Steph playing way within the O, made some good passes.

  • This episode of the Masked Baller had a truly terrifying version of a Whitney Houston song by Steph

  • Steph not exactly seizing the game with his dribbling, but finding open shots for everyone else. If the team shoots better than 18.8% from 3, it's a different game

  • I think Kyle Lowry is intentionally provoking the crowd by trying to draw the cheapest possible fouls

  • Ok, crowd deliriously happy w Steph long Hail Mary bomb

  • Dubs only down 7. If dunks counted for 1 pt per megaton power, TOR would be up more but tough luck Raps.

  • Dubs bump up their 3P% from 18.6% to... 20%. If that improves, Dubs might hang in there. If not, these damned Raps fans better not try singng O Canada again

  • When Harden pulls his BS, he goes full method acting like I Am Wronged By The World. When Lowry pulls his BS, he's like yeah that was BS, IDGAF, ref has to call it anyway, lol ez. Two different flavors of disgust

  • D Lee was like yeah I could just lay this up but I'm obligated by Steph Culture to look around for a minute and find Chriss for a giant alley oop dunk

  • Hey Dragan tries dunking again. Got FTs for his trouble

  • I cannot enjoy this game knowing it does nothing to stop the eventual entropy heat death of the universe

  • A couple of pretty bad calls gifting Raptors fouls for their players falling over

  • That WAAAARIORS crowd chant at the start of the fourth came from the heart, unprompted. The game is very much in doubt, but the team is hustling hard, playing for each other and with a bit of Steph flair and finds the game is fun again.

  • Haha the first time in a LONG time that the Dubs crowd could cheer MVP for Steph without some petty complainers making them feel guilty

  • Paschall putting his arm around D Lee consoling him for the missed FTs and turnover. Yeah, he muffed it up, but they'll learn from this.

  • That was a fun game with the wrong ending. Blame to go around but lots of reasons for hope. Should be an entertaining and annoying rest of the season.

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