Explain One Play: Stephen Curry counters Davion Mitchell's feisty defense

The 1 v 1 showdown ended up being 5 v 5

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We're going to look at the duel between Davion Mitchell and Steph Curry tonight. Everyone is probably seen Davion’s highlights of him giving Donovan Mitchell a huge headache. He's just really good at this point of attack defense and lateral movement.

I wanted to see what he would do guarding Steph Curry because Donovan Mitchell is a great player, but he's a real one-on-one specialist. Steph is great one-on-one but he's got a lot more in the toolbox because he can play off-ball and the team is set up to support people playing off the ball. So we're going to look at most of the plays where Davion guarded Steph.

In the end, Steph had a pretty sweet line 27-10-7-3 and created advantages all over the floor, but did not have a good shooting percentage.

You can see from this analysis that in no way has Davion locked up Steph, but he also really hasn't had the chance to lock up Steph. That's just good offense. Why would you want to give a great defender, a chance to lock up the key to your offense? So it's not exactly Davion's fault, but I also wouldn't give Davion credit for Steph's shooting off night, as they say.

Co-starring Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, Otto Porter Jr, and Gary Payton II with Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield trying their luck on Steph.

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