Explain One Play: Jonathan Kuminga, Offensive Piledriver and Tunneler

Two urns stand in Zeus’ palace containing the bag he grants mortals, one holds sick moves, the other holds clunkiness

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We're going to watch one of Jonathan Kuminga's random games. This is the Ignite against the Salt Lake City Stars on February 27th.

We focused on his defense previously in that same game.

Given everything I've heard about Kuminga being a black hole and an inefficient shooter, I was expecting him to just drive and chuck. But I can see he's actually getting into the offense.

So in the end. I'm come away quite impressed by Kuminga as defense. And I can see that he has some tunnel vision. But I also saw several plays. Where he was looking to make the pass when he forced help. So I think there's a lot of good things to work on.

And the shot, the jumper did look clunky. His form looks pretty reasonable, but the results were pretty bad. And he was missing by a lot. So, I don't know what you do to fix the shot. Hopefully. the developmental coaches saw that and said, yeah, yeah, we can fix that.

So ultimately I think Kuminga could play some spot minutes. I think his defense is good. And you could run some of the plays that we saw in the video, where he essentially gets quick duck-ins, where he tries to seal in someone in the post and then tries to finish hard with power. And you could give him these little handoffs on the perimeter where he drives.

So all in all, reasons for optimism.

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