Explain One Move: Apricot's New Adventure

Content and community for people, not search engines? What an idea!!


Hello, you might know me from Twitter. Or from my old articles at Golden State of Mind and BBallBreakdown.

After Vox laid off everyone last Christmas, I was planning on taking a long break, like an Ethan-Strauss-style year sabbatical. Working for a place which pushes Clicks Over All wore down my soul.

I softened up a little when the chance came along to work with the old Golden State of Mind crew and to join forces with super-reporter PMC, founder of LetsGoWarriors. We had offers from various partners, but it was depressing… like most of the internet, they relied on cramming pages with scammy ad networks making a monstrous and unreadable mess, and figuring out how to suck up to the big search engines and getting many randoms to click on your site, and then taking cash from questionable businesses to leach off your search engine authority… ugh.

Except for one offer. Substack approached us about pioneering a new model of ad-free group writing and community building. By going to a subscriber model, we are trying to get away from everything that pained us about Golden State of Mind. We make money to cover our costs and time if and only if we create stuff so cool and a community so compelling that people want to chip in money to support us.

We don’t wrestle with skanky ad networks and we don’t kiss up to search engines and we don’t have to focus on the almighty click count. I get to think about creating articles and video analysis that our community loves, and not what will go viral with randoms on YouTube.

So this is my new adventure. We’re trying to create a space where we can get to focus on making cool content and sharing that with cool people. It’s such a crazy idea, it might just work. I hope you come along for the ride.

P.S. At noon today, I’ll be publishing a big video in honor of Klay 37, which happened exactly five years ago.

For subscribers only: any requests?

Thanks to you crazy DAY ONE subscribers … you are absolute units. You are making a blind bet on us making interesting content and growing this into a great home for fan discussion. And we really appreciate it.

As a micro-thanks, this post can be commented on by subscribers only, and I’m asking for any requests you have for videos or articles focusing on

  • An aspect of a player’s gameplay (e.g. Omari’s Offensive Rebounds)

  • Aspects of the team’s schemes

  • Plays you want explained (game time or video helps if you have a specific one in mind)

  • Old moments you want celebrated (Klay 37 coming later today. And on my wish list: the Bang Bang game, and OKC Game 6 on my list… others?)

I don’t promise I’ll be able to do your requests, but I’m eager to hear your ideas… I’ll share the requests with the whole LGW team.

Thanks again!