Draymond Green's trainer Travis Walton on 3PT shot critics and how Dray changed the game.

He's also a big-time believer in Andrew Wiggins.

Poor Man’s Commish invited Draymond Green’s trainer, Travis Walton, for an electric draft night conversation. Walton is a former Michigan State hooper who as a senior played with a rookie Green. Walton continues the Spartan way in his role working closely with Green to maximize the three-time All-Star and former Defensive Player of the Year.

In our interview, he went into depth on several topics: Green’s experience last year without the Splash Bros, the noisy critiques of Green’s shooting, and how Green’s playmaking/defense combo changed the game.

He also mentioned why Green is a pain in the you-know-what when it comes to playing dominoes.

Timestamps from excerpts of our 2020 Draft Night conversation with Travis Walton:

  • 00:26 What’s the adjustment for Draymond from last year’s lost season to this season?

  • 04:16 Travis talks about how he saw huge potential in Wiseman early on

  • 05:25 Describing the genesis of Draymond’s emotional competitiveness/vocal leadership

  • 09:17 Travis talks the challenge of playing dominoes with Draymond

  • 11:23 Travis discusses the world’s focus on Draymond’s 3PT shooting being a distraction from the elite impact of Draymond’s game.

  • 21:27 How does Travis track how to help Draymond improve?

  • 25:16 How does Draymond lock down much bigger players consistently?

  • 33:09 Travis breaks down the deadly Steph-n-Dray pick-and-roll

  • 36:00 Travis reveals how he and Draymond linked up

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