Draymond & Durant call out the misinformation and false narratives of modern (social) media

“My mom even said, ‘All of WHAT going on?’”

Here are my notes & quotes from Kevin Durant and Eddie “Bansky” Gonzalez’s podcast “ETC” with guest Draymond Green. The above is an authorized snippet from the episode, talking about the infamous argument the two had in LA vs the Clippers (see notes below for more details).

A few big myths were busted. I’m not a podcast guy, but this one ranks as one of my all-time favorites because it teaches you more about the landscape of NBA media and social media — the other one was Howard Beck’s with the Cleveland Cavs beatwriters covering LeBron James’ reign (sorry I don’t have the link handy).

A lot of what they talked about is even more reason from my gradual retirement from Twitter. I am starting to only contribute value to DubNation and engaging in feedback on here, our YouTube channel, and our Discord server.

Speaking of which, these notes appeared just a few hours after the pod aired yesterday, so if you want that instant feedback, be sure to email me (if you’re a subscriber on here) or join us (if you’re not).


20:00 talking about how guys can be not as locked in, KD makes the comparison to video games where everyone on their live play agrees to step it up lol (crazy how times are)

Yeah this podcast is GOLD. Dray: if you don’t have friends who celebrated your success more than you do, get rid of them, referencing KD’s shot “from forty feet” in Cleveland (G3?).

27:00 KD: “it wasn’t no overpowering shit”, the crowd, execution, being down 14 then winning, prime Mike Tyson mentality

30:00 Dray: we were the smartest and most experienced players on the floor

32:00 Dray on coaching (which he has said probably 2-3x before). He has said he wouldn’t have the patience. I probably have it somewhere on the YouTube channel.

37:00 KD takes a mild shot at John Hollinger!!!!

45:00 Dray: “If you are critical of something that’s against someone’s opinion and what they believe in, then you get destroyed for it.” [Me trying to stay positive on Twitter with @LetsGoWarriors and @poormanscommish replies.]

47:00 Bansky: “People just want to argue, they want to have ‘one-ups’.”

48:45 Dray on people shutting down other people

50:00 KD addresses the narrative that so many things happened in the locker room 2017-18 that people don’t know about: “I’m trying to figure out what was so secretive and confidential?”

51:00 Dray on when D.West said there was stuff that happened: “My mom even said, ‘All of what going on?’” 😂

51:30 KD: “Thank you for confirming.” 😂

53:00 Dray dispels the “crying in Oracle parking lot” story. It was just a quick text exchange [spoiler warning].

56:00 Dray/KD on the LAC altercation which Dray then says Myers and Kerr completely blew out of proportion.

The rest of the podcast is SO MUCH GOLD. I won’t spoil it anymore. If you only listen up to the end 1:13:00, that’s 17 minutes of the best podcast content ever podcasted.