DJ D Sharp shares his Warriors-curated TIDAL playlist with DNHQ

Big Steppin!

When I have kids and they ask me about what it was like watching the Golden State Warriors during Steph Curry and the gang’s heyday, I’ll definitely mention the long walk from the Coliseum Bart to Oracle Arena, the rowdiness of the crowds, and the dazzling brilliance of those teams. Even as they’ve moved to Chase Center, Warriors basketball provides a crackling buzz that has to be experienced live to truly understand.

A driving force behind that fun vibe is the music played by in-arena maestro DJ D Sharp. He’s the guy rocking the turntables during the pregame warmups, intros, during the game, and postgame. He was born in Oakland and he makes sure he keeps local Bay Area music represented in his mixes, like Too Short, E-40, and P-Lo.

In honor of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary, TIDAL is collaborating with DJs from NBA squads to curate exclusive playlists that hype the players and their fanbases. DJ D Sharp is one of those DJs; you can check out his playlist HERE. This mix includes “Big Steppin” by San Francisco hip hop artist Stunnaman02. You’ve probably heard it on loop from Warriors Reddit after every win this season:

DJ D Sharp shared a quote with DNHQ to give us a special glimpse into what goes into his process:

I don’t think many people realize the importance of music in basketball; the way it can completely change the players’ mindsets or cause an attitude shift in the crowd. Collaborating with TIDAL on this playlist was such a unique way of celebrating the NBA’s anniversary, and celebrating the greatest team in the league. I’m excited for fans to tune in and get in the Warriors’ headspace.

Thanks D Sharp! Keep the party going and we’ll see you at Chase!