Athletic Alchemy stops by to discuss the Warriors draft and the NBA's best big man


We’re in the thick of the playoffs and it’s time to bring in the big guns to break all the drama down.

Athletic Alchemy, the brilliant independent basketball analyst and longtime Warriors fanatic, joined Duby Dub Dubs and I for a deep dive into the NBA’s pressing topics.

For those who aren’t familiar, Alc has a deep love for the game and has spent his life studying and training hoopers. His film breakdowns are legendary and his commentary is essential. Check out his YouTube and his Patreon (he’s actually the first guy Duby ever subscribed to!).

The link to our sitdown is embedded above; here are some helpful timestamps for those who want to skip to the juicy tidbits.

3:09 - Clippers vs Nuggets: How'd it get this far?

15:26 - Jokic vs AD: Who is the best big man?

21:00 - Where can Giannis improve?

27:07 - Harden/Westbrook's limitations in Houston

34:22 - How much better than any other guard is Steph?

40:41 - Heat vs Celtics Eastern Conference Finals predictions

53:07 - Who should the Warriors draft?