(36-33) Warriors impress, throw it all away, barely come back against Utah lite

Never in doubt, except for the whole end part

I think we’ve learned that GSW is about as good as UTA missing two of their best players. In other words, the Dubs are about one great and one solid player away from championship contention.

Box Score Watch

  • GSW at #8, 0.5 games over #9 MEM (35-33), 3.5 games behind LAL (38-30) for #7.

  • 3.5 games behind NYK (37-30) and LAL for league #10. If GSW finishes Top 10, they lose their 2021 1st but keep the 2021 MIN 2nd. But now they’ve clinched keeping their first round pick.

  • MIN at #6 lottery seed. They cannot finish lower than #6. 0.5 games out of #3, 1.0 games behind DET for #2. MIN will not finish #1.

  • GSW is 5 games ahead of NOP at 30-37 and have clinched the last play-in spot.

  • The Scoring Title Race is still exciting. Beal has a bad hamstring and may not play the rest of the season, and will be hampered if he does. Steph scores 36 and expands his lead.

Apricot's Low Quality In-Game Notes

  • Haha Our Guy Juanito saving Mulder from getting roasted alive here

  • Finally we have some diversity in our halfcourt buzzer beater attack

  • JTA is really barking out there. Not sure if he’s just hyped or he feels like he’s getting fouled

  • Ah these fouls, our old friends for lo these many games

  • I like how Poole ran his defender Niang into Gobert and then just raced to the basket

  • That was wild. UTA got a goofy continuation foul and-1 and somehow GSW expands the lead to 18

  • Given how this season has gone, i will not be pinching you until after the game

  • Welp this is an unexpectedly random ending

  • I may recommend to my friends that they only watch the last 30 seconds of this game… depending on how this ends of course

  • Still time to blow this in the most excruciating way

  • Let's see if we can foul on the catch properly. If nothing else, this team has shown us tremendous fight and also ways to lose so awful that you become a Zen Buddhist

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