(29-30) Dubs blow it in the final seconds, despite Oubre, Bazemore and Poole fueling comeback

5th road game in 8 days and Steph was liquid nitrogen cold and not in a good way

The Warriors were playing their 5th road game in 8 days, and Stephen Curry and Draymond Green were playing in mud. No Our Guy Juanito, no Damion Lee, no Paschall, the short-handed bunch tried so hard, but couldn’t finish.

On the other hand, it was THAT close to a miracle tie down the stretch. That’s a random ending for you, folks. And with random endings, you don’t want to obsess about the last play out of a long random set of events, because that last play really hurt. So just clean your mind and hug your pet/child/Xbox/phone.

Feel free to vent, or look on the bright side of life in this thread.

Box Score Watch

  • 3.5 games behind ATL (32-26) for league #10. If GSW finishes Top 10, they lose their 2021 1st but keep the 2021 MIN 2nd.

  • GSW is 3.5 games ahead of NOP at 25-33 for the last play-in spot.

  • Steph has 1588 PTS / 51 G = 31.14 PTS/G. Beal has 1521 in 49 G = 31.04 PTS/G. So Steph barely holds on to the Scoring Lead.