(28-28) Warriors outlast Cavs, Our Guy Juanito holds it together until Stephen Curry closes it out.

Welcome back to .500 land

Standings Watch

  • GSW now 2.5 games ahead of #11 NOP for a playoff spot.

  • GSW now 0.5 games ahead of SAS for the West #9 spot, 0.5 games behind MEM for #8,

  • GSW also 3 games behind DAL for the league #10 spot (and hence losing their 2021 1st rounder but gaining the 2021 MIN 2nd)

  • MIN is 0.5 games ahead of HOU.

Brief In-Game Notes

  • Oh man, Our Guy Juanito went up large to throw down, then adjusted beautifully on the bump. CLE had picked on Juanito with a switch/post up from Jarrett Allen a couple plays back. Allen walked all over him in a way that Dray would not have allowed.

  • Juanito swallows up Kevin Love ... good to see that post D.

  • I have limited hopes for Poole. I want him to be a steady PG, make some plays off the dribble and be average from 3. If he can be a volume scorer, I’m okay with that.

  • OUR GUY JUANITO. So great to see the guy most committed to running the offense and getting other people shots... getting an unusual number of shot

  • I think part of it is that JTA almost never takes a 3 unless he’s completely wide open and can wind up a slightly odd form. That last 3 from the corner he took contested and it looked bad

  • YEEEEEEEEEEAH another open 3 from JTA

  • Have I used up my quota of doing videos on Our Guy Juanito? I kind of went nuts in February

  • There is lots of time to blow this, and Wiggs, Steph and Dray did their best to throw for a minute

  • Our Guy Juanito truly embodies Kerr’s “Stay Ready” mantra. Which is only necessary because Kerr utterly takes him for granted, but hey

  • Oooooooooh I was ready to go wild for that Nico-GP2 connection