(22-20) Wiggins, Lee and Poole de-claw MEM in a stunner without Steph, JW and EP

The upset is a big swing in the playoff standings

Pre Game Press Conference:

Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • The beatings will continue until morale improves. Bu who knows, maybe the team can get hot and Ewing Theory a split??

  • If there is a trade, then people can cheer up by saying how they would have made a much better trade

  • I think there will be quintuple Ewing Theory powers tonight


  • Update: Oubre playing, Poole starting. Holy Toledo!

  • Poole drives past Ted Cruz and Ted just complains the entire rest of the play. Revenge for Nico, whom Ted did the same thing to on the previous play

  • One guy will get on the other’s shoulders. Cavalry battle defense

  • Our Guy Juanito organizes the whole defense.

  • Damion Lee has dominated the last minute

  • Ja trying to beat out Ant-Man for most gigantic dunk against GSW this season. Respect for the ambition

  • Fun just watching Draymond defending JV.

  • Ted Cruz has had a tough last 3 min. Heh heh

  • Hahaha Andrew gave himself the rare heat check with that sidestep 3

  • Ja is damn entertaining, but he’s constantly landing wildly. He’s definitely on track to hurt himself.

  • We dodged one there

  • Must be terrifying to have a breakaway layup and see Ted Cruz Jr right behind you. From a impending cheap shot perspective

  • If MEM stops throwing the ball away, they might get back into this. But GSW doing a fine job pressuring every MEM attempt to get the ball deep in the post.

  • MEM actually double teaming Wiggs. GSW did not handle it well.

  • MEM is now trapping everybody. It’s working. But they continue to throw the ball over every possession. So nice to play a team sloppier than us for a change

  • Well... still time to blow the game. I’ll trust it when it’s a double digit lead with one minute left